Potential Solutions for Wii Storage

By Shaun Hatton - May 13th, 2008


Wii storage is a big issue for me. As I posted yesterday, I now have no more room on my Wii’s system memory. But storage can mean something else: Where do we actually put all the accessories the Wii demands us to have?

Not to get sidetracked, but I do have a lot of gaming accessories. These include a full complement of controllers for every system I have that’s hooked up to my television (and that is nine systems) plus a bunch of extra game-specific peripherals (like guitar controllers, the Rock Band drum kit, Wii Wheels, and Scene-It buzzers). But physical storage is a topic for a future post.

Today I want to discuss the options I have to remedy my problem of not having any more room on my Wii for Virtual Console games, WiiWare titles, and Wii Channels.

My first option, of course, would be to delete some of the channels I have on the system. Doing this, however, would negate the need to have these games on the Virtual Console. I downloaded many of the titles I have on there because the VC is so convenient. Rather than dig out the actual cartridge from one of my many storage boxes, I could just point and click on a game and begin playing it in seconds. If I remove a title from my Wii Channels interface, I’d have to re-download it when I want to play it again. This would be faster than transferring it back from an SD card, but still not as fast or as convenient as playing the original cartridge. And this, of course, is still not as convenient as just pointing, clicking, and playing.

My second option would be to – and bear with me now – purchase another Wii. Sounds preposterous doesn’t it? Why would I want to dish out another $270 for another Wii just because it doesn’t have enough internal storage? Yeah, scratch that idea. It’s stupid, just like having no expandable storage solution in the first place. Since Nintendo has decided it wants to limit us in terms of what we can keep on our Wiis, we can either do what they say and shuffle channels around by deleting them or moving them to SD card, or we can tell them, “Screw you, too” and not download any more games.

Alas, because I love games so much and have 5200 unused points on my Wii right now, I will have do as they say and opt for option one. So it looks like I’ll be deleting some channels tonight. So long, Bomberman ’93. You were fun while you lasted.

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    2 responses so far:
  2. Posted on May 14, 2008

    You know, you can always back up the channels you play less often on an SD card, then just archive them on your computer.

  3. Posted on May 14, 2008

    That would be a very good way of going about it, but transferring games to SD takes so long that the next Wii will be out by the time I finish copying all my VC titles over.

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