Thunder Blade

By Shaun Hatton - November 21st, 2008

Thunder Blade

Thunder Blade was one of the bigger “Arcade” titles on the Sega Master System. Essentially a top-down shooter with some pseudo-flight sim levels peppered in, it provided hours of entertainment to my nine-year-old self. Like with Shinobi, my cousin Mike and I would try to best each other at the game remotely. We’d call one another upon reaching milestones.

“I got to level five – the one with the caves,” was something he got to say before me. The game had its problems, even back then. For one the controls were completely different for the two types of stages. In top-down levels the helicopter moved too slowly. In behind-the-copter stages it moved too fast. There was also a dead zone in these stages where you could stay, not fire a shot, and still pass the stage.

This isn’t a game I’ve ever been able to finish, and even trying to today with my wealth of gaming expertise, I find myself unable to do it. Thunder Blade has ultimately defeated me!

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