The Amazing Spider-Man

By Shaun Hatton - November 22nd, 2008

The Amazing Spider-Man

Spider-Man gets a call from Mysterio. They’re both using gigantic cellular phones. This is normal, because villains always call heroes over the phone. And their phones are gigantic because the year is 1990.

The Amazing Spider-Man for the Game Boy was one of my first Game Boy games, alongside the awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan. Spider-Man was likely the only other licensed game available in the store the day I got it.

Premise-wise it’s the tale of the girl getting kidnapped and the hero having to rescue her. Each level started off with a phone call from that level’s end boss where Spider-Man would get increasingly irritated that Mary Jane was gone. The game consisted of side-scrolling stages and vertical, wall-crawling stages with side-scrolling elements tossed in afterward.

Spidey’s moves consisted of punches or kicks but he could also spin webs. Sometimes enemies would drop power-ups that would increase the shot radius of the webs, but for the most part this was useless. Oh, and occasionally burgers would appear, and these were a good way to recharge health.

The yellow-green graphics were on par with other early Game Boy releases and there was a lot of fun and frustration to be had. But the most fun, by far, was the phone exchange before each level.

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    4 responses so far:
  2. Oh man.
    Those phone exchanges cracked me up.

    There should have been an unrated version.

    I bought this game in Sudbury on a family trip.

    I was surprised they even had electricity in Sudbury at that time, much less carried Gameboy cartridges.

  3. Posted on Nov 24, 2008

    Spider-Man: Where’s Mary Jane?

    Mysterio: Walk to the end of the street and beat me up. Then your phone will ring and the Hobgoblin will maybe tell you.

    Spider-Man: Deal, weirdo. Deal!

  4. Hahaha.

    If only the movie franchise was that entertaining.

  5. Posted on Nov 27, 2008

    Spider-Man: Chrome Dome didn’t tell me much. Now who the crap is this?

    Hobgoblin: Crawl up the building to meet your doom, Spider-Man!

    Spider-Man: Crap on a biscuit! Don’t make me shove an exploding pumpkin up your ass again, Hobgoblin!

    Hobgoblin: I’d like to see you try! No, really. I would like that.

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