Game & Watch Gallery 4

By Shaun Hatton - December 29th, 2008

Game & Watch Gallery 4

With Club Nintendo recently opening its arms to North American gamers after having shunned them aside for years, many of us have been leaping at the opportunity to register games for virtual coins. Among the most sought-after goodies available from Club Nintendo is the pricey Game & Watch Collection for Nintendo DS. Because I don’t have this game, I can’t comment on its greatness. But from what I’ve read about it, it only contains three games.

Sure, it’s an exclusive Club item and one I’m sure with fetch a great resale value at some point. I was considering dropping my coins for it until I realized that the GBA title Game & Watch Gallery 4 could be purchased used for relatively cheap and that it included more games on it, including 14 unlockable games.

The biggest bonus, however, is not having to deal with the sluggish Club Nintendo website.

Game & Watch Gallery 4 also includes modern versions of the games available from the start. The modern versions feature re-vamped sprites and colourful graphics. They look pleasant enough, but all the movement is still restricted to the preset positions of the classic LCD displays. I prefer playing the games in their classic modes, complete with beeps. At one point I owned quite a few Tiger handhelds but never had a proper Game & Watch. Playing this GBA game on my Famicom GB Micro is an acceptable alternative for me. So far, Donkey Kong Jr. is the game I’ve spent the most time on. For some reason (and it could be because it was one of the first video games I’ve ever played), I can never grow tired of it.

Younger gamers who have never played an LCD game probably won’t appreciate a compilation such as this. But for us older folk who grew up in the dark days before anyone put the words “Game” and “Boy” together, this is definitely one excellent cartridge. I bought mine for $15 and feel it was worth every penny.

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    2 responses so far:
  2. By Alex
    Posted on Dec 29, 2008

    I use to have a kickass Ninja Turtles lcd game, the handheld was green and had a very odd shape but still sweet. I also remember having countless Radioshack lcd games…My dad still plays this battleship one from way back when.

  3. Posted on Dec 29, 2008

    I still have that TMNT LCD Game. Konami had a few in that same odd shape, too. I always thought they looked like something from out of Star Trek. That game is hard, by the way. The spinning blades under the water always managed to do me in.

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