Zagg Invisible Shield for DS (Screens Only)

By Jorge Figueiredo - January 27th, 2009

Zagg Invisible Shield

We are certainly all about playing games here at Toronto Thumbs. But what about something to protect the integrity of the devices that we play games on?

I had bought a screen protector when I first purchased my DS Lite a few years ago. It was a bit of a pain to apply (and truthfully, I actually messed up the first one and had to use another one – good thing I bought a multi-pack). When I ran my stylus over the surface of my protected screen I have to admit that it felt a bit sticky. But better a slight inconvenience than a scratched-up screen, right?

Over the course of its life the screen protector certainly took a lot of damage. It showed wear and tear even after the first day of use. I knew I would have to replace it eventually, but I procrastinated.

Last month I heard of a company called Zagg that manufactures not only screen protectors, but whole case protectors as well. Even though this review deals only with the screen protector, I have to say that I’m a believer in this company. If the quality and durability of this ingenous 0.2mm-thick film is any indication, the whole-body protection must be nothing short of amazing. There are plenty of pictures and demos on Zagg’s site, so I don’t have to get into too much detail here in regards to the company itself, but their invisible shield screen protector lives up to the hype.

Installation was easy. The Invisible Shield comes with a special solution and squeegee for application. I was a bit nervous when I saw some microbubbles that I had missed, but the guide told me not to worry. True enough, they worked themselves out after a few days. Not only is it visually nearly undetectable, it feels like glass when you run your stylus over it and is nearly indestructable! Due to the thickness, it also doesn’t increase the profile of the DS, should you get the full-body version.

I lucked out and got my screen protector on sale. But now that I’ve tried it, I would pay full price for my next electronic gadget (they produce custom-cut shields for all kinds of electronics, including PS3s and the like!). It’s certainly worth the money. If I had known about Zagg earlier, I probably would have bought the full case protection for my DS.

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    4 responses so far:
  2. By Reay
    Posted on Jan 28, 2009

    Very cool. Gonna have to look into getting me one of those full body deals. I take good care of my stuff, but accidents happen (as my $300 phone, now with a few scuffs from being dropped, would attest).

  3. Nice find (and write-up). Did you find these at a store or at the Zagg online store?

  4. The online store.
    Even without the discount it’s a good price.

  5. Posted on Jan 31, 2009

    Good review – thanks.

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