Questionable Intelligence
The Truth Behind Square-Enix’s Creative Dampening Field

By The Manic Gamer - March 13th, 2009

Questionable Intelligence

Greetings listeners, er, readers… This is the Manic Gamer! In written form, no less. I would have preferred to deliver another spectacular radio broadcast to you loyal members of the gaming underground, but it seems the ever-sensitive city of Toronto is on full alert, cracking down on the type of offensive game-related anarchy that is disintegrating our culture, which I revel in bringing to you whenever possible. Delicious isn’t it? And since they haven’t caught on to my system of carrier pigeons quite yet, I have found the means to send thoroughly researched but hastily written notes that I’m sure someone at Toronto Thumbs will make semi-legible in time to publish.

And while I’ve got your attention let me pose the question that burns within me today, does anyone remember Chrono Trigger? I mean do you really remember? Do you remember how it brought together that “dream team” of talent from archrivals Square and Enix? And considering what resulted from that experiment, shouldn’t the merger of those two companies have since resulted in a gaming renaissance? But it hasn’t really worked out that way has it? And I for one, felt challenged to find out why.

My quest for answers began late last year. I was innocently searching for offensive imagery to fax to creditors when I came across an article from 1up that offered the first real clues that something sinister was at work –

The tremendous success of Fallout 3 seems to have made a particularly profound impact on Naora. “When we make a game that sells two million copies, that’s always seemed like a tremendous success for us,” he says. “But now we hear about Fallout 3 selling four million in just a few weeks, and it really surprises us. This is a game that doesn’t even look like what we in Japan consider an ‘RPG,’ yet it’s incredibly popular.”

“Until about a year ago, we’d never even heard the term ‘J-RPG’ to distinguish our RPGs from Western games,” he admits. Now he seems determined to sort out the defining differences between the two schools of RPG design. Does it mean stronger female characters? A first-person perspective? More realism?

And after reading this article, I couldn’t stop questioning how any company could remain unaware of so much and subsequently offer up such ridiculous conclusions. And that’s when a friend of a friend, no names mind you, first mentioned the rumours. A cold sweat broke across my face when I first heard about the Creative Dampening Field. And though I’d try to deny its existence, I knew in my heart that it was true. Cue map!

Square Enix

Here we can see Square-Enix, nestled within the safety of the Shinjuku Bunka Quint Building.

Square Enix

What you can’t see are these harmless looking towers that were constructed when the two companies merged. The result? An electro-magenetic field that cannot be penetrated by opinions, feedback, thoughts, or cultural influences and movements. The Goal? To create the perfect work environment – where the true masters of the industry could spare gamers from DECIDING what they wanted to play by TELLING them what they would play.

But something unforeseen has occurred for those within the building. For those poor souls trapped inside, the outside world appears very different than the way you or I might view it. This energy field is capable of changing what is visibly occurring beyond the bubble. For instance, if you were to lead a protest against the company, rallying outside those walls for change as seen here –


This is what people inside would see happening instead!


Truly this is a dark hour for the twisted accomplishments of modern science. Terrifying doesn’t even begin to express it friends. But from fear, we must rally as gamers, so that together we might discover some means of penetrating this fiendish device – least more companies begin developing their own versions.

-No Bothans were harmed in obtaining this information.

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    3 responses so far:
  2. Posted on Mar 13, 2009

    Who let him out of the bunker?

    Good observations, and so… eloquently(?) put as always.

  3. By Jay
    Posted on Mar 15, 2009

    As someone who plays FFXI (a Square-Enix MMORPG), I can assure you that your theory explains what is happening with that game very well.

  4. By Shawn
    Posted on Apr 1, 2009

    I too play FFXI and LOve IT! However, it’s going on 7 years and SE continues to put out new expansions to a game where the servers themselves are losing gamers. I remember first starting and this was 5 years after FFXI was released and trying to move around Windy on the Remora server. It was loaded with people! Now mind you, it’s not the lagginess of WhiteGate or even Jeuno but there were PEOPLE THERE! Now it’s like a ghost town. And it’s not just Windy it’s Sandy, and Bastock as well as Jeuno. We need something new. And for goodness sakes, put some damn decent graphics in the game. -.- It’s time for SE to make this game as real looking as it is “real” to play. Greatest thing IMHO about FFXI is the realism of playing it. Just maybe the RL’ers actually playing put it’s fun. Just ready for something new. I don’t want to keep leveling to 75, over and over and over again. The expansions are nice but spend the money and development time on something new and fresh. FFXI was a Malestrom that came running through the gaming community. Now it’s just warm flatuous milling around.

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