Seven Games We Know Nothing About

By Jamie Love - March 15th, 2009

Lazy Sundays

This year has already seen some long-awaited game releases and yet there are still several unknown variables in predicting just how the rest of this year will unfold. Just how many lofty projects will be pushed farther away from our eager thumbs? Obviously there are numerous reasons why projects are delayed and information regarding this is sometimes scarce. The primary one is that developers enjoy our suffering, and in some cases have found new ways to subsist off of both our tears and agony.

As tribute to this lack of information, we’ve rounded up the titles that are most often discussed at the office in theoretical terms, because we remain completely ignorant as to the real details and are forced to imagine how ridiculously fantastic these games could be.

Lazy Sundays


It’s the pulled title that preceded the collapse of Free Radical Design, and the subsequently leaked footage of it made Star Wars fans swoon and cry simultaneously. In fact, if you haven’t seen the video, I have no idea why you are reading what I’ve written when you could be watching this instead. Beyond the bold concept art, the ability to pilot a fighter from the ground into orbit with seamless transference was the one feature I wanted most after Battlefront 2. To see what was created and working so well leaves a great deal of pressure for the studio that takes up the project next.

Rumours and common sense dictate that this would have been Pandemic, but they have very recently denied that logical conclusion. So the fate of the game is an unknown that requires an answer, and all we have are more questions. Did the reaction to that leaked footage make some reconsider their decision to pull the project away from Free Radical? If you can get an answer from Lucasarts on this one, then the Force is truly strong with you.

Lazy Sundays


Exactly how long have I been staring at this image of a chain? Since the very beginning of 2008. But I’m not alone: Many of us have been waiting for the next project from Team Ico since completing Shadow of the Colossus. Sony has no shortage of fanciful titles in various stages of development at any given time, but certainly this is one that carries an urgent priority and could do the most for the PS3 library at the moment. The cult following that has grown with Ico and Colossus is certainly a factor in the secrecy behind this project, but with Fumito Ueda attending a panel at GDC this year, can we finally anticipate the first solid details?

Lazy Sunday


Though there have been a few missteps along the way, there has never been a Sony console that has had to wait so long for the flagship title that has succeeded so often where other long running franchises have failed – it actually does get better with each new generation.

There’s no reason to doubt that “Twisted Metal is Coming on PSThree,” but the extended wait remains baffling. It could still be at least a year or more before any release, and perhaps several more months before we even have some tantalizing screenshots. We demand that Jaffe pacify our frothing impatience and sketch out some vehicle images on the nearest notepad to compensate us for the painful wait.

Lazy Sundays


There are few games that series fanatics have clamoured for more than a sequel to Konami’s Symphony of the Night. Yet word of the development is every reason to feel equally excited as well as frighteningly nervous. I can’t deny that this is the bold, dice-rolling decision that has been setting at the feet of Koji Igrashi for quite some time. Whether fans will truly get what they have pleaded for, or whether IGA will find the formula for success on the home consoles again is anyone’s guess at this stage.

Lazy Sundays


Vapid teaser trailers and assurances of reaching the more casual market leave me nauseated regarding the direction of this sequel to one of my favourite titles of the last hardware cycle. Though it’s common to dub the original one of the most under-appreciated titles of its time, the game has gained a considerable following. With Ubisoft having recently earned the label of most unreliable publisher as far as Metacritic is concerned (for whatever that is worth), and the mixed reaction to a revamped Prince of Persia, a serious effort on this sequel could go a long way to restoring my faith.

Lazy Sunday


Ask me no more questions, and I’ll tell you no more lies. If I knew any less about Where The Wild Things Are, I’d be ignorant enough to enter politics. Despite rumours, solid details of what has become of Brash’s project continue to elude us. But rest assured that the moment this changes, you’ll be the first to know.

Lazy Sundays


Admittedly this title isn’t nearly so mysterious. But you can’t blame me for having an insatiable appetite for any details regarding a project that brings together Level-5 and Studio Ghibli.

The story of a young boy given a magic book that allows access to a parallel world isn’t a tale we haven’t heard before. But the game-play depth Level-5 so often brings to the table combined with the euphoric delight of Studio Ghibli’s creations makes this DS game the greatest merger of talent since chocolate met peanut butter. The fact that the most stunning book we’ve ever laid eyes on will accompany the game is all icing after the fact.

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    One response so far:
  2. Posted on Mar 15, 2009

    I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!
    Especially for Ninokuni since I’m a huge Studio Ghibli fan. And also Beyond Good and Evil 2 (I’m playing the first right now), Twisted Metal which is awesome, and Where the Wild Things Are which was one of my favorite stories when I was little.

    It’ll be interesting what Team Ico is coming up with. Something new or a continuation of Shadow of the Colossus.

    Thanks for sharing Jamie! What a great Sunday post.

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