Jarate Will Be In Team Fortress 2

By Shaun Hatton - May 20th, 2009

Jarate Will Be In Team Fortress 2

On the Team Fortress 2 website, Day 7 of the update hype has revealed that Jarate, once an April Fool’s Day joke, is going to be a reality.

What is Jarate? It’s Jar-Based Karate. While not a substitute for the martial art, it’s apparently an effective tactic in which the Sniper throws a jar of urine that splashes on impact. Enemies hit with it take 35 per cent more damage for a time period, but can wash off the ill effect by jumping into water. But wait! There’s more: Jarate can short out cloaking devices on enemies and put out fires on teammates.

For the record, Jorge predicted this April Fools joke would become a reality in S02E02 of our podcast, and we kinda didn’t believe it could happen. Jorge, we owe you one. Please, put that jar of pee down.

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    2 responses so far:
  2. Screw that noise. I didn’t eat all of those asparagus spears and beet roots for no reason!

  3. By Adam
    Posted on May 21, 2009


    As a side note, the posts on the TF2 blog are pretty hilarious. (teamfortress.com)

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