G1 Optimus Prime in New Transformers Game Based on Crappy New Movie

By Shaun Hatton - August 3rd, 2009

G1 Optimus Prime in New Transformers Game Based on Crappy New Movie

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was such a horrible movie that no one thing can be singled out as the root cause of its complete and utter god-awfulness. But for actual fans of the franchise, the new character designs (if they could be called designs, that is) in no way helped. Here, now, is a rendering Activision just sent out teasing to some upcoming downloadable content for the videogame adaptation of the movie. Behold Optimus Prime in his Generation 1 robot form. Looks pretty cool, and is a decent enough amalgamation of the cartoon look with more “realistic” design sensibilities thrown in.

While the movie would have still been a horrible piece of shit, replacing the jagged metal shard miscreants in the film with blockier robots reminiscent of their 1980s television series counterparts would have at least made it a little more clear who was who. In any case, we’re better off even ignoring the videogame version and instead opening up our toy boxes to re-enact our favourite battles.

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  2. Posted on Aug 8, 2009

    dude that does look awesome. I mean if all the bots had looked like that maybe you could tell them apart. From what I remember of the first one aside from the ridiculous antics it was really annoying seperating one giant metal mess from another when they’re all in the metal equivalent of black spandex like X-Men.

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