My Ride in
Forza Motorsport 3

By Shaun Hatton - October 29th, 2009

Forza Motorsport 3

One would think that having spent seven years working at Auto Trader, my soul drained steadily while pumping out car ad after car ad, would have destroyed my appreciation for car photos. But this is fortunately not the case. While I’ve produced tens of thousands of ads for various car dealerships in Ontario, I can still find car photography to be an art form – especially when I happen to like the cars being shot.

Here are some photos I took during a replay of a recent race of mine in Forza Motorsport 3. All told, I spent more time tinkering with camera placements and settings than I did in the entire race. The beautiful thing about the game is that it not only allows players to drive cars they probably never will in real life, but also allows them to pull off some great race photography.

Forza Motorsport 3

Forza Motorsport 3

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    7 responses so far:
  2. Posted on Oct 29, 2009

    Fantastic screenshots! Sweeeet ride, awww yeahhh

  3. That’s not much of a paintjob when compared to the illustrious awesome of The PiMobile…

  4. Posted on Oct 29, 2009

    Haha. Damn, you have raised the stakes YET AGAIN.

  5. Posted on Oct 29, 2009

    I do like this car with this paint job though.

  6. Pfft.

    That’s nothing compared to the e-mobile…

    Of course, that’s just an invention in my mind.

  7. Posted on Nov 23, 2009

    Very nice, but Christopher Walken makes everything better 😉

  8. Posted on Nov 23, 2009

    @Mark – I believe the artist for that car is Mike White, who also drew and animated this video for The Meligrove Band:

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