The Winners!

By Shaun Hatton - November 15th, 2009

DJ Hero Demo Kit

Our DJ Hero Demo Kit contest has come to a close. There were some great entries (and some not so great ones – see our first winner, below). Sadly we only had three of these to give away, but in my mind all our entrants are winners because they took the initiative to go out of their way to enter our contest – and that’s cool! Congratulations to our three winners!

Mike is a DJ Hero

Mike’s entry, above, is a strange one. He doesn’t appear to actually be DJing, nor is he holding a record, but he is making a goofy face, so he gets by on that technicality.

Jason is a DJ Hero

The second name we drew was Jason’s. We never posted this photo during the contest because, well, I have no idea. He submitted another photo with his single entry, and in that one he’s holding a Mr. Dressup album. You’ll just have to believe us. Are those white pants I see him wearing? Ballsy!

Kat is a DJ Hero

The final name we drew was Kat’s. You might remember her photo from when we posted it a few weeks back. Kat’s the only female entrant to the contest and her photo was one of the coolest ones we received. I wish I knew what that Jesse “The Body” Ventura album is all about. I wonder if iTunes has it.

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    One response so far:
  2. By Kat
    Posted on Nov 16, 2009

    i am SOOOO excited to play this. i’ll send you my thoughts once i pick up my demo game!!

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