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By Jorge Figueiredo - August 13th, 2011


Here are two games for iOS that our readers might like. One is an old-school shooter while the other is an interesting take on dungeon crawling (which is on the cusp of being released). In this article I will take a closer look at each of these great little gems that will surely inspire you to hug your iOS device.

A Space Shooter (For Free)

Frima Studio (the folks that brought you Young Thor) have taken their two dollar shoot-em-up game for the PSN and turned it into a freebie for your iPhone/iPad. Released at the beginning of this month, A Space Shooter (For Free) is completely worth the download (haha!) and will rekindle the flame that a lot of us had for the shooters of yesteryear.

You are placed squarely in the boots of Commander P. Jefferson; a blood thirsty horndoggish space warrior who despises aliens. Guide your ship (using your finger) in a crazy battle against the detritus of the galaxy. As you blast away, you accumulate remnants which allow you to purchase upgrades for your ship (thirty upgrades for your ship). Not only that, but destroying the alien bosses will net you some pretty sweet special weapons that you can use in future battles!

I wonder if the “P” in “Commander P. Jefferson” stands for “Pee in your pants fun”? Sometimes it seems like it!

Game-play is smooth, graphics are grand and the sound is awesome – particularly the dialogue (which is all spoken). Commander P. Jefferson is definitely quite a character; the cut-scenes are hilarious, and the in-game dialogue is just as funny. My only problem with the game is that if you have an iPod Touch or iPhone, your finger sometimes gets in the way of what you can see. I doubt that playing this on the iPad will present the same problem.

Available now, this game will have you smiling from ear to ear; re-playability is decent with a single-player campaign and a survival mode. If you’re craving more boss fights and upgrades, a “Big Ass” version is available for a mere ninety-nine cents.

Emissary of War

Cedar Hill Games, located in Victoria, British Columbia, is a two-man operation dedicated to making great games and apps; Emissary of War is a fine example of the quality of their work. You take on the role of Ghent, a barbarian, who is almost at the end of a journey to broker treaties with other clans on behalf of the Dominion. Your assistant in this quest is Hassock, an alchemist who always has a potion at the ready, as well as advice and comic relief. Of course, not everything goes smoothly, and you begin to unravel a plot against the Dominion.

As Ghent, you have a massive sword at your disposal; swinging it is a simple matter of tapping the enemies which you wish to slice and dice. Additionally, as you take damage, your rage meter fills – once full you can unleash a devastating attack (the results of which vary depending on the type of sword you have equipped). Hassock will automatically back you up, but you can exert some control by placing potions in a “use queue”, which the alchemist will follow effectively.

“I have a bad feeling about this…”

Movement is handled very creatively: you pan across the screen with your fingers and tap where you want to go. The beautiful 3D engine displays everything really well; it surprised me how great everything looks! Throughout your adventure, incidental animations and dialogue will crop up, which adds layers of realism and hilarity. The characters are fully voiced (the voice work is well done) and the cut-scenes fit smoothly with the game.

I am enjoying my time with this game. It is a lot of fun and I think that fans of dungeon crawlers will really get a kick out of this. The first chapter will be available for free to allow you to experience the awesome adventures of Ghent and Hassock.

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