Under a Rock?
Version 1.8 of Minecraft Out!

By Erika Szabo - September 14th, 2011


Version 1.8 of Minecraft (also known as Adventure Update) has been hotly anticipated by the game’s millions of fans. Not only because Notch and the team at Mojang have included more terrain and enemies, but also because the team has finally promised to implement a little more purpose into the mix. That’s not to say players didn’t create their own purpose – in fact, they did so in the most awe-inspiring ways (just check out my Top 10 Most Amazing Minecraft Creations article on Unimagamesity). Personally, I found Minecraft’s absence of defined purpose interesting, allowing players to unleash their more creative sides. However, with the release of this new patch, I also believe players will have more fun and be given many more options in the Minecraft world.


Here is the full list of what’s been added and changed since the update:

  • The new biome generation code will make for a more geographically diverse, randomly generated worlds for players to explore. Players will get to encounter deserts, dungeons, caves, swamps, tundra, forests, ravines and abandoned mines. Seriously, the list goes on. Some terrain will have greater treasures, while others will be infested with monsters. Take caution wherever you go!
  • Speaking of monsters, Version 1.8 will have many more to deal with, including: Cave Spiders, Silverfish and the new “Enderman” monster. This passive monster will ignore you until you look directly at it (putting your cross-hair over it) – after which it will stop and stare at you till you look away. It will then teleport towards you with terrifying speeds and beat you to a pulp. The Enderman is what nightmares are made of*!
  • Monsters will drop EXP orbs when killed, which players can then use to level up, though currently with no purpose.
  • Okay, now that we’ve got the scary part out of the way, back to exploration! Version 1.8 will include huge underground dungeons known as “strongholds”. These dungeons offer the potential for amazing rewards, but are also very, very dangerous.
  • You will now find huge mushrooms and you can grow your own using bonemeal on small mushrooms. So far, these giant mushrooms have no other purpose.
  • You will find randomly generated houses and villages along your travels. NPCs will be coming in a future update!
  • Weapons can deal critical hits and can also deal critical if the player hits a monster while falling.
  • Animals that get hurt will now run away.
  • The game now keeps track of what has damaged you and how. Some damage types now ignore armour, including: falling out of the world, being on fire and drowning.
  • A hunger mechanic has been implemented now as well. When well-fed, you’ll regenerate health faster rather than immediately restore health.
  • Food is stackable in your inventory.
  • Speaking of food, there are now melons; and they are farmable!
  • The lighting engine has been tweaked, making it look tons better when you’re underground.
  • Building-wise, you can now build gates for fences and iron bars. Vines can also be harvested and applied to blocks.
  • You can now sprint by double tapping the forward key.

These new additions should definitely keep players busy until the next update (version 1.9), after which will come the final release of the game – apparently it will arrive at some point during the MineCon event in mid-November. In the mean time, get out there and start mining!

Click the pic to watch!

* – By the way, I did a little research and realized that there is a way to survive the wrath of the Enderman: apparently if you wear a mask and look at it, even when the cross-hair is on one they won’t notice! Hazaah!

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