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By Jorge Figueiredo - October 8th, 2011


There are a steady stream of iOS apps that hit the App Store every day. Here are three that I have checked out recently that I would like to briefly touch upon. The first is really an update to an existing title; the second is an aquatic fighting game; and the third is a title that looks like a mix of old and new.

Ricky Carmichael’s Motocross Matchup Pro

2XL Games brought us Ricky Carmichael’s Motocross Matchup a number of months ago and it was a lot of fun. It’s not hard to imagine this game having a positive response, what with amazing graphics, solid game-play and the chance to win actual prizes based on your in-game winnings. That was then; this is now.

2XL Games recently released Ricky Carmichael’s Motocross Matchup Pro, the big brother to the game that we previously tried. With some new tracks, new consumables, improved game accuracy and the ability to level up individual bikes and riders, it is definitely a good buy. Most noticeable are the performance improvements; the game looks fantastic, even on my iPod Touch. Keep in mind that this is an online title, though: no single-player career-type modes. Before hitting the net, you can certainly use the practice mode – but this does not contribute to your stats in any way.

While not as realistic as it could be (and landing some of the tricks can be a giant pain), this game is certainly a fun diversion. My only complaint is that I have a hard time finding people to play with online. I’m not sure if that’s because no one happens to be playing when I am, or if there aren’t as many owners of the title as there should be. In any case, it is quite a bargain!

This is not the right way to ride a motocross bike – but it looks awesome.

The Legend of the Fish of Fury

While fighting games have never truly been KO’d, they have been enjoying a lot of popularity in recent years thanks to the ongoing saga of the Street Fighter franchise. T-Enterprise has created a game that will appeal to those people who enjoy imagining an ocean full of ass-kicking fish. The Legend of the Fish of Fury is a touch-based fighting game for iOS that is fairly amusing – but also somewhat frustrating.

Fish of Fury comes in four single-player flavours: Quick Play (random fish vs. fish), Arcade (the “campaign” mode), Survival (failure is not an option) and Practice (for those who failed and need another option). Graphics are well-done and the sound is appropriately cheesy. Game-play mechanics are a double-edged fin: on one hand, they are easy to learn; on the other, they are a bit stiff and can lead to boredom or frustration.

I would recommend this game to folks who are looking for a quick distraction on break or on public transit. The stories behind all of the different fish are cute. Yes, the controls can be annoying, but really, the game is a good deal for those people that feel the need for sea.

Nothing like a deadly left fish hook.

Warp Dash

Dubbed an “arcade endurance racer”, SGN’s Warp Dash is an awesome trip into the future. Racing through an obstacle course, your goal is to score as many points as possible. This is done by not dying, and by collecting triangles and launching yourself off of warp jumps (the more triangles you collect before hitting one of these gates, the higher your score).

Controlling your ship is a matter of tilting your iOS device. This makes learning how to play the game a snap; however, the tilt sensitivity is very high, so you will have to play around with the game to establish a decent comfort zone. That being said, it doesn’t take long to start enjoying Warp Dash. SGN has made sure that the beginning of your endless race is relatively easy so you can get some mileage out of the game before you start getting enjoyment from near-death experiences.

Graphics are absolutely fantastic, as are the sound effects and score; this game raises the bar for other iOS titles. The game is also free (at the time of this posting), which is mind-boggling considering that beginner and intermediate levels are available from the get-go (along with two ships); the harder stuff is only available by dropping the whopping sum of ninety-nine cents. Seriously, go get this.

This game is awesome. One of the best I have played in a long time on the iPod Touch.

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  2. Looks like Warp Dash isn’t free anymore. The app itself is now 99¢

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