New Xbox Dashboard

By Ricky Lima - December 6th, 2011


Xbox owners today are screaming at their machines and waving their hands furiously in front of their TV’s the world over. Microsoft has unleashed the newest iteration of their Xbox dashboard this morning and it promises to bring grand things and potentially change home entertainment for the better.

The biggest features in the new dashboard (and the ones I’m most excited about) are the apps that are included with it. Gold members will be treated to apps designed by YouTube, Real Sports, UFC, Rogers on Demand and many others. These apps are the best way to experience unique content only available through Xbox. Before this new update, the lack of a web browser on the Xbox has prevented owners from watching YouTube videos on their televisions – something that the other two consoles could do out of the box. With the Xbox YouTube channel, owners can now view videos in HD, manage subscriptions and keep up with all the happenings on YouTube. This experience is very well put together and is vastly superior to the web-based stuff on the other consoles.

The UFC app is pretty cool looking!

Another interesting app is the UFC app (also available to Gold members). It allows users to order Pay-Per-View events and vote on outcomes with leader boards; it also allows users to view interactive fight cards. What is most exciting about this is that it may possibly alter the way we watch television. Imagine being able to interact with live TV through your Xbox; or maybe you will be competing for prizes with other users watching the same thing. I may not be interested in UFC but I’m really into what they’re doing right now; I’m excited to see where this goes.

Additionally, the Kinect is more integrated into this new-and-improved dashboard. The headers can be chosen by simple voice commands or hand gestures, making things feel a lot more interactive than they do with a controller. With the new Xbox dashboard we are getting ever closer, to a Minority Report-like future – which I have no problem with at all. The new dashboard is clean, functional and also looks a lot like the windows phone with its tiles, creating wonderful synergy between all of Microsoft’s big products. Turn on your Xbox now and experience the future, today!

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