Summer Nights
Summer Multi-Player Goodness

By Ricky Lima - April 23rd, 2012

Nature takes a turn for the worse in Gears of War 3’s latest DLC.

Summer is almost upon us. Sadly, that means that game releases will be slim for a couple of months. Now, more than ever, our library of games become very important to cure our boredom. So what games are great to play during the summer months? Multi-player games of course! With their high replay value and social aspects, multi-player games are great for having friends over or playing online with people from around the world. Here is a small list of great multi-player experiences so far this year.

Gears of War 3 – Forces of Nature DLC

Gears of War 3 may have been released last year but the most recent piece of DLC is worth a look. There are: four characters, five new maps, and seven weapon skins stuffed into this pack. The maps are seriously fun with a lot of attention payed to both the environments and the ambiance of the map (with a focus on natural disasters). The coolest map in this pack has to be the Aftermath map (in my opinion). You play in a courtyard-type level that has just been hit by a tsunami, so there is water everywhere and every once in a while the ground will shake. I found it to be an interesting mechanic for a map and I found myself going back to it whenever I could.

Mass Effect 3

The newest Mass Effect game has an added multi-player mode that is amazing. It’s not a competitive mode, like other multi-players; it is strictly cooperative. You play as alliance soldiers who have to hold down specific tactical spots around the galaxy. The combat is fun and quick, and things are changed up during certain waves. Some waves will require you to hack into computers or take down specific enemies to pass. This keeps things fresh and prevents the players from hunkering down and creating a strong defense. Not only is this mode fun, it actually factors into the story as well. The more multi-player missions you complete the higher your galactic readiness rating goes, which is beneficial towards the end of the game.

Nina replaces Ryu’s dropped jaw (c’mon – her outfit is pretty sexeh).

Twisted Metal

The original car combat game is back on the PS3. This summer instead of going out and drag racing with your friends stay inside and blow them up. The thing about Twisted Metal is that the world is so insane that one can’t help but enjoy inhabiting it – just for a little bit. There are clowns with their heads on fire, and girls with doll faces driving cars equipped with rockets. The game-play itself is intense as well, the driving is tight and responsive, and the game modes are interesting. Nuke mode asks you to capture a team’s captain and drag him or her across the field to your base, where you strap them to a rocket and launch it at your opponents base. Again, Twisted Metal is crazy, and it is for that reason you’ll want to be playing this game this summer.

Street Fighter x Tekken

Capcom’s versus series has been a fan favourite for a long time, but Street Fighter x Tekken is a little different. It is like a mix between Street Fighter 4 and the versus series. It has the speed of versus but the strategic elements of SF 4. I was incredibly impressed with the game when it launched. If you’re a fighting fan you’ll definitely be glued to the multi-player mode of this game this summer. The online is very stable, I haven’t experienced any dropped games while playing it, and the on-couch battles are even more fun. With a huge roster of forty-three characters on PS3 you’ll have your hands full trying to learn all the combos in the game. This game is a nice break from blowing things up like in the above games, so give it a try!

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