Responses to the Piranha Pass Giveaway

By Jorge Figueiredo - May 24th, 2012

Click this pic to watch the trailer.

In our last post, we hosted a giveaway for tickets to see Piranha 3DD. We wondered what the extra “D” was for, so we based our giveaway around that. Some people had so-so replies while others had some pretty hilarious ones. We are posting them here -in the order that we received them- for your enjoyment.

The extra “D” in “Piranha 3DD”…

  • …is for all the boobies that they are flaunting in the trailer I’m guessing! 😉
  • …stands for Dejeuner…as in Petit Dejeuner which is what the Piranha’s will be making out of the people at the Water Park 😉
  • …is the Bra size… Definitely, if the amount of cleavage shown in the trailer is of any indication.
  • Do they have enough in the budget this time to give Paul Scheer an onscreen death scene?
  • …stands for Drunk-mess. Which The Hoff always is.
  • …is Dunstan, the writer of the film (yeah I’m a film nerd, so what!!!)
  • …is for Deputy Fallon, who kicked serious piranha butt in the first movie using a boat propeller! I’m looking forward to seeing what he does in this movie, even as an amputee.
  • …is for the three actors whose names start with D: Danielle Panabaker, David Koechner, and David Hasselhoff.
  • …stands for disastrous. This movie will be nothing short of disastrous.
  • …is certainly for the Hoff.
  • …is actually Piranha 3DD’s middle name, Danger.
  • …stands for David Hasselhoff who plays a celebrity lifeguard in this movie.
  • David Hasslehoff is the extra D in 3DD.
  • …is for Doobie! The makers of this movie must have been smoking something.
  • …is for Donkulous.
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    One response so far:
  2. Posted on May 28, 2012

    i really meant to expand on /why/ it’s Donkulous but now I’m just incredulous that I barely bad it.. nice.

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