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By Jorge Figueiredo - June 10th, 2012


What the heck is the deal with this weather? Up and down like a frenzied yo-yo. Whether you’re enjoying the weather by hanging out in the sun, or dodging weather by spending time indoors, here are four interesting ways to keep yourself occupied with your iOS device!

Monster Words

Word games are always a popular choice among the iOS gaming crowd. With easy-to-learn game-play and (usually) short match durations, they are a great way to expand your mind when you have a strict time budget. If you have a hankering for a word-puzzle game that won’t stretch your wallet (or tax your watch), then Monster Words could be a great free-to-play game for you!

Cute and quirky. Monster Bucks could easily be a ninety-nice cent game.

Basically, you are given a puzzle-piece pool which is composed of multiple puzzle pieces; each piece will have at east one letter on it. You will be presented a series of clues (with each clue being a separate answer) and you will have to piece together the letter pieces to answer the clues correctly. Solve puzzles and earn Monster Bucks, which allow you to buy new levels (you can also buy Monster Bucks using real bucks).

Developed by Enemy Hideout LLC, Monster Words is a quirky, fun game made up of a number of themed levels (science, art, etc.) that are each challenging and entertaining. I thoroughly enjoy this game.

Casino by Zeniz

Casino by Zeniz brings a social aspect to Poker and Slots. The game allows you to participate in cooperative and competitive multi-player poker tournaments and slots; it even goes so far as to let you spin your Facebook friends. Unlike other gambling-based games, your opponents can actually be real people!

Someone is cleaning up at this table…

With a number of interesting modes, Casino is actually a lot of fun. One mode, for instance, allows you to team up with other slot players to beat the bank! Whereas, for the more competitive, you can play Texas Hold ’em with six or nine competitors and see if you can take everyone for all that they are worth.

You can even spin slots while you wait for a table , winning yourself some chips in the process. I don’t normally go for the gambling games, but the folks at Zeniz LLC have created a pretty accessible and fun game here.

Rocka Bowling 3D

Feel the need to go bowling? Don’t feel like stinking up your feet with a set of rental shoes? Don’t have a Wii*? Well head on over to iTunes and pick up Rocka Bowling 3D by Carlo Monteiro.

The graphics are fairly impressive, as is the sound. However, it is the controls that are awesome. Easy to pick up and fun to play, Rocka Bowling 3D has a fairly precise set of controls. Touted as having “realistic physics”, the game allows you do things like hook your throws.

I’m not sure how close to reality this is, to be honest – there is only so much that you can really do with a finger on a touch screen. That being said, the game is definitely impressive (especially considering the fact that it is free). The fun factor is multiplied by the capacity for six-person local multi-player.

You can taste the 50’s vibe.

Defender Chronicles 2

Combining defense play with RPG elements**, Defender Chronicles 2: Heroes of Athelia turns the two genres on their ears – literally, by presenting a vertical playing field. Your job is to prevent the enemies from getting through your lines. Marching or flying, your opponents start at one end of the playing field and work their way towards the other. Defending the various paths that they take will involve some strategy, as some of your units can only damage certain types of monsters. Deploying a mixture of ground unit and ranged units, you supplement your formidable hero’s strength with numbers.

Whether you successfully repel the invasion or not, you will gain experience and money (more if you win, obviously). You can use this money to upgrade your hero and purchase new equipment. You can spend real money in the app to buy some powerful stuff if you feel like cheating a little bit. Four levels of difficulty cater to various types of gamers, allowing everyone to forward the plot (which is presented in a very cool, comic-book style).

This pic pretty much speaks for itself.

Graphics are pretty awesome, as are the sound effects. You can see the units fighting if you zoom in, all done over an adventurous-sounding score. This game is very entertaining and is a great way to pass the time. I highly recommend it if you like tower defense games!

* – Seriously, does anyone *not* own a Wii?
** – Not rocket-propelled grenades, which would make this game crazy!

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