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Twilight – In Their Own Words

By Rebecca Larocque - October 26th, 2012


Like it or not, it’s clear that the Twilight saga is a hugely popular cultural phenomenon. The books have sold hundreds of millions of copies worldwide; they have been translated into almost 40 different languages; and they have won truckloads of awards. Then there’s the movie franchise: the first four of the five five films (the fourth book was split into two movies) have grossed over $4 billion in the box office and in DVD sales. The three main stars of the movies (Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner) became household names overnight and were catapulted into the spotlight. There have been interviews, photos, essays, and countless column spaced used to dissect them almost every week since the movies were first announced back in 2007.

Until now, much of what has been published is only parts of interviews in many different locations. From The Ebook People and author/interviewer Talia Soghomonian comes a neatly packaged e-book of interviews with the three stars over the course of filming all of the Twilight movies. Each star is given ample time and space to talk about their influences, their likes and dislikes, what they do during filming of the movies, and what they would be doing if they weren’t acting. There are lots of softball questions such as “How much of you is in your character?” and “What do you think about the Twilight books in general?” and Stewart especially gets several questions about her “style” and “look”.

The one thing that does come through is that they are all human beings, and that to them, this is just another job. Lautner and Stewart were both child actors (and Stewart’s parents are both in the film industry), while Pattinson still seems a little overwhelmed by the response. There is even a kind chapter on Stephenie Meyer and what influenced her to write the book (it came to her in a dream). And for those who were stunned by this past summer’s revelation that Kristen cheated on Rob with the director of the movie The Huntsman, the author has included a short essay of her thoughts on the scandal (basically: they are both human; they made a mistake and people were hurt; but as someone who is twice her age, the other guy should have known better and deserves more scorn than he’s getting).

Pfft. Typecast.

The extra content of the e-book comes in the form of audio and video clips from the interviews, and links to external web sites. The clips are shortish, but a welcome addition, while the links are mostly for common web sites like Google or the Harry Potter page.

While I confess that I’m not a fan of the Twilight books and have only seen the first movie, I come into contact with many people who are big fans on a daily basis. They are the people I thought of when reviewing this, and I asked myself repeatedly if this was something that they might want to have. Again and again, I had to say “yes”. It’s an interesting and enlightening look behind the scenes at the actors who brought the characters to life and isn’t the usual material that intensely scrutinizes the actors and source material for some deeper meaning. This e-book is a light, refreshing read and will be enjoyed by anyone who loves the series, or even wants a glimpse into what it’s like being an actor in the highly focused spotlight.

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