The Rolling Stones
Views from the Inside, Views from the Outside

By Mike Jackson - October 31st, 2012


This being my first book review, I found the task slightly more difficult than writing about video games. Maybe it’s because it’s easy to quantify makes a game good (graphics, game-play, etc.); whereas a book is much more subjective – especially when the material is non-fiction. It is also worth mentioning that I don’t read nearly as much as some people: my days are filled with reading and writing countless e-mails; technical documents also tend to be what I have to be into these days – so reaching for a book to unwind isn’t really top of mind. However, Jorge knows all about my love of music, and thought that this e-book (The Rolling Stones: Views from the Inside, Views from the Outside) would be something that I would dig.

I would in no way shape or form consider myself knowledgeable about the Stones. Sure, I could tell you my favorite song or what went down at Altamont; but outside of that my knowledge is pretty limited. If I had to tell someone about the new Rolling Stones e-book, I would describe it as something of a thorough history lesson on the Rolling Stones. The book is as much about what was going on from a social and cultural perspective as it is about the band.

This photograph is fantastic in that it conveys more than one message.

The historical context provides the reader with a perspective of what was going on around them that directly and indirectly influenced their lives and their music. For me, I found this very interesting (since I wasn’t around during their rise to fame); getting an idea on what was going on in their world at that time is very cool – and very valuable in terms of insight. It’s easy to see how our environment shapes us both directly and indirectly, and this book allows us a glimpse into the lives of the Stones on a more personal level.

The book publishers are an independent group that started this year. The content of this particular e-book is an accumulation of historical articles, interviews, audio files and images on the band – all from various British publishing houses. This is the one of the first times this amount of information has been published in a single offering on the Stones and this is only part 1! The publishers are planning a second installment which focuses on the last quarter century of the musical group.

All in all the amount of detail in this book (over a thousand pages) will appeal to serious Stones fans or thorough historical music buffs. It’s definitely worth a look.

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