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By Jorge Figueiredo - December 6th, 2012


Welcome to December! Have you got your Christmas shopping done yet? If you find yourself waiting in line for hours on end thanks to the wonder that is the Holiday Season, we have some suggestions for iOS games that can help you pass the time!

Chip Chain

AppAbove Games LLC has created what amounts to an addictive drug treatment with Chip Chain. Why do I consider it a treatment for drug addiction? Probably because it is pretty damned addictive and you won’t be able to play anything else for a while*. Chip Chain is a matching game that has you lining up numbered poker chips to create greater values. The more matches you get in a row, and the higher your final value, the more points you get!

The grid is 6×6 and starts with a number of chips placed on the board already. The bottom of the game screen shows what your upcoming chips are that are available for play. Every time you place a chip down, the AI also places a chip – sometimes it helps and sometimes it hinders. There is a fair amount of strategy at play here, which is really where the addiction enters the picture for me.

They should have just called this game Your iOS Device Battery Will Always Run Out Too Soon.

The game sports some bright, clean graphics and crisp sounds. It’s well-produced and has a jazzy soundtrack that helps you forget that four or five hours have probably passed since you started playing. It is free-to-play on iTunes and I would highly recommend it. In fact: I’m playing it right now!

Icon Pop Quiz

On the way back home from a trip recently, I saw some folks playing a game on their iPhones involving guessing the name associated with brand symbols. Icon Pop Quiz, by Alegrium, is similar to that game, but instead of a brand icon, it instead presents hand-crafted icon of something related to TV or movies that you have to figure out.

This free game is a lot of fun, and will test your mettle in terms of knowledge. Guessing the different icons involves typing out the name using the touch-based keyboard. The twist is that you can actually take advantage of a hint system that removes letters not used in the solution; there are also a few other “power-ups” that will help you solve things – including the ability to “phone a friend” using Facebook or Twitter.

The art style in this game is all kinds of amazing.

I’m not sure how long this game will keep you occupied. There are currently over 400 icons to guess – but frankly, I have not been finding things all that difficult. Given that it is free, though, I would recommend that you give it a shot – especially if you like animated shows. Finally, if you like the art, you can order the designs on t-shirts, posters and iPhone cases.

Dragon Collection

Yet another collectible card game joins the legions of others in Konami Digital’s Dragon Collection running on GREE. The idea of this title is to create the most powerful decks for attack and defense that you can by collecting other cards. The bulk of this deck-building is done in the game’s Quest Mode.

Basically, you walk along a path performing mundane tasks that will lead you to battle other monsters. Upon defeating them, you can incorporate the new finds directly into your deck – or you can use them to enhance your current stable. Everything in the game costs energy (that replenishes slowly over time), so there is some strategy involved in squeezing the most turns you can out of a day’s worth of energy.

This game is a bit too involved for me. But it is thorough and well-designed.

There is a fairly large online community behind the game – which is pretty awesome when you want to have an edge in battle. Creating alliances is the name of the game and really give you an advantage. If you have a fair bit of imagination and like card games, you’ll probably enjoy this free-to-play title a lot. If you want action and interactive battles, the static backgrounds and art style of this game may not be something you’ll like. As a collectible card title, though, it does the job – and thoroughly.

* – Yes, I understand drug addiction is physiological – but this is called creative license and I don’t mean to offend anyone so back off.

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