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By Jorge Figueiredo - January 8th, 2013

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Last year was a pretty crazy year for hand-held technology: the Playstation Vita was released, Apple earned the ire of consumers by releasing their next tablet far too soon (in two flavours), and Android climbed the ladder like Mario avoiding flaming barrels. Why, even one of our resident cynics fell in love with an Android phone! Check out the infographic above from MBA Online, which tells a very interesting tale about the cute green robot.

It takes a little while to scroll through the infographic; but it is worth doing – if only to see some of the odd comparisons that are made*. The long of the short of it is that iOS seems to be losing market share, and may no longer be king of the hand-held OS’s.

What is also interesting about this is how it might correlate to findings by W3i, a monetization and distribution network for mobile app developers. In mid-December, W3i released an article demonstrating that the Freemium model is alive and well – but not necessarily supported by microtransactions as previously thought. Revenue made from in-game purchases sub $2 (6% of overall) seems to pale in comparison to larger in-game purchases costing the user between $10 and $20 (47% of overall).

This makes one wonder if the nature of app approval for the Android market will become a little bit more strict, or if it will remain as open as it currently is. In discussions with friends and colleagues, it seems that the ratio of junk to gems is much higher for Android than it is for iOS.

* – Android devices activated per second vs. Big Macs sold per second? Really?

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