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By Jorge Figueiredo - January 9th, 2013


Last year, I was at a media event, chatting with Steve Tilley about Draw Something. During one part of our discussion, we talked about how some people were able to draw such amazingly detailed pictures. I marveled at this, and expressed my admiration for these artists. I told Steve that drawings like that must have been done on an iPad, which gives those users a bit of an advantage over those using an iPhone or iPod Touch (due to screen real estate); but Steve told me that a lot of those detailed drawings were created with a stylus.

So, I bought a stylus, and used it for a little while, but it was a little bulky for my pocket. The short version of the stylus (it came in a two-pack: one long and one short) felt like holding chalk, which was good enough – but at times became uncomfortable. Woodees sent us the iPic Multi Purpose Pick Stylus to try out; and I have to say that it pays to be “picky”.

The iPic, like other stytli, has a “nub” on one end that plays nice with the touch-screens of capacitive devices. What makes it different is the shape: it is basically a guitar pick. Composed of lacquered aluminum, the iPic is roughly the same size as a guitar pic. Durable and light, this stylus is easy to use and easy to store in your pocket. Thanks to the thin design, it allows you to see more of your screen than you would using some other styli, and allows you to be surprisingly precise.

Weird, but awesome.

While the marketing shows the iPic being used to play guitar apps, I found it to work just as well in other apps like ArtRage and Draw Something. I might not use it to type up an article for this site; but I have used it in simple messenger chats, and it works like a charm. I definitely find it more functional than a pen-shaped stylus, which seems counter-intuitive – but really, it is about being able to see more of what you’re working on and the ease of control.

The iPic is about $10, which places it close to the middle of the cost range for a decent stylus. It also comes in eight different colours. Check them out!

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