The Legend of Korra – Episode 3 Recap

By Tim Krynicki - January 26th, 2013

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Episode 3: The Revelation

Tell me if you have ever experienced déjà vu, because I’m going to go back to the very end of Episode One. Remember that cliffhanger ending that I loved so much I ended up harping the second episode for not following up on it?

Well here’s that follow-up episode that I have been waiting for!

This is also the first episode in which we see a recap of the previous episode’s events; complete with grainy, old-time radio excitability. Given The Legend of Korra’s industrialized setting, this version of presenting the previous week’s events works in the show’s favour.

That hand belongs to a mind-bender named Ty Lennol.

This week’s happenings begin with money troubles for Bolin (a spelling correction I stumbled on after the previous episode’s summary) and Mako’s Fire Ferrets. It seems that the team’s run into some money problems. It seems that they are short about 30,000 yuan (the series’ currency) as an entry fee for a bending tournament and Bolin decides to take matters into his own hands – inadvertently getting himself involved with a bending triad on guard duty,

Worried about their friend, both Korra and Mako scour the city in search of Bolin only to uncover a plot organized by the Equalists in the form of a demonstration dubbed by the episode’s moniker, a revelation of sorts. While this propaganda speech and chi blocking show wasn’t nearly enough to get a glimpse of the mysterious figure’s endgame plot for Republic City; it is enough to register him as a serious threat to Korra and her posse.

Not only does Amon demonstrate his skill as a competent fighter, he also shows off a chi blocking technique that would render even the most skilled bender utterly useless.

“Where’s Darth Maul? I have a bone to pick with him.”

This is just enough to lead into the next episode but it also got my plot twist senses tingling. Being a revolutionary leader, Amon certainly commands a type of charisma and propaganda mastery that would be expected of a movement this size. I also kept thinking that it wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination to have part of this chi blocking revelation be part of an elaborate show, having the triad members included in the demonstration be on the up-and-up. This is just me thinking out loud at this point.


  • Almost everything except for one minor detail.


  • Lighting bending?

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