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By Jorge Figueiredo - January 29th, 2013


Think you know a lot about videogames? Why not put your knowledge to the test with Plain Vanilla Games’ Video Game QuizUp? This free-to-play IOS game tests your videogame knowledge and ranks you, allowing you to brag like a rooster or slink in the shadows like a shadowy slinky1.

The app pairs you up with another person from the interwebz (your ID is your e-mail address or Facebook account) and poses 10 multiple-choice questions. Each question is presented with four possible answers. Choosing the correct answer will net you points – the quicker you answer, the more points you receive. During rounds 8 and 9, points are doubled; round 10 awards you with triple points should you manage to get the correct answer.

The questions seem to draw from all genres of gaming, all platforms and all eras. While I managed to hold my own most of the time, there were questions about games that left me completely baffled. It is definitely a game that tests the limits of what you know; additionally, it can show you exactly how well you do accessing that knowledge under the two-pronged pressure of a clock and an opponent.

The interface and overall aesthetics remind me of those old pocket games – or the original Gameboy. Devoid of colour, and supplemented by retro sound effects and music, the whole package has an 8-bit feel that is charming and fun. In terms of connectivity, I had no problems finding people to play with, and I thoroughly enjoyed playing – even when I lost. Video Game QuizUp is free to download, so go test your knowledge today!

1 – I forgot where I was going with this.

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