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Kill Shakespeare: The Tide of Blood

By Ricky Lima - February 27th, 2013


Recently, an English nerd’s wet dream (as an English major myself I can attest to this) was released. Kill Shakespeare: The Tide of Blood by Conor McCreery, Anthony Del Col, and Andy Belanger takes Shakespeare’s characters and mashes them together in an action-packed comic. The concept is very similar to Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, both in concept and in execution.

The first story arc published by IDW follows Hamlet as he tried to save Shakespeare himself from the evil forces of Richard III. The new story arc takes Hamlet’s team to Prospero’s island where I’d imagine a whole bunch of magical stuff will happen. From preview pages I have seen, Belanger is still pumping out awesome art, and this arc is looking to be a little more surreal than the previous one. Look for Tide of Blood at your local comic shop.

Aside from the comic side of things, the creative dudes at Kill Shakespeare have been involved in the gaming community here in Toronto for a while. I had the opportunity to interview McCreery about his ideas on video games at FanExpo a couple of years back and I have even had the opportunity to work with Belanger on his indie game Black Church Brigandage, which he created with Miguel Sternberg for the TIFF Comics vs. Games jam held back in the summer.

The Kill Shakespeare creative team is well entrenched in both the comics and games sphere. You should definitely pay attention to them!

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