Assassin’s Creed III
The Tyranny of King Washington – The Infamy

By Jorge Figueiredo - February 28th, 2013


Fox News seems to be up in arms at the latest DLC for Assassin’s Creed 3. There is a small part of me that kind of understands their ire. The Tyranny of King Washington (Episode 1: The Infamy) portrays George Washington as an evil despot – which is not how he actually was. Of course, this is just a story, and should be enjoyed for what it is: a thought-provoking expansion to an already great game.

The Infamy begins with Ratonhnhaké:ton waking up from a strange dream only to find that all of his hard work delivering justice as the newest Assassin is seemingly all for nothing. George Washington has apparently gone insane and is wreaking havoc across the land Рa land that was given the gift of order thanks to Ratonhnhaké:ton (as Connor Kenway). However, in this reality, it seems that our native American hero never became an Assassin; and he must now find a way to right what is wrong with odds once again stacked against him.

This DLC from Ubisoft is fairly thorough, and adds at least an extra hour-and-a-half or two of game-play (obviously taking longer should you choose the path of full sync). There are no real graphical or audio improvements – but great use is made of the game engine. Visually, the landscape is different. War-torn and dying, dead bodies litter the fields and wolves and Blue Coats wander the land causing trouble. The devastation has impact on the player.

“Did you eat the last of Grandma Washington’s cookies? You shall pay!”

Game-play has been given a shot in the arm with some new mechanics that you can take advantage of as the hero – and I refuse to spoil what they are so that you can discover them all by yourself. Also accompanying the Ratonhnhak√©:ton’s new abilities are new cinematics that punctuate Washington’s evil ways and really complete the story.

For around $10, you really can’t go wrong. As downloadable content goes, in my opinion, the amount of work and game-play packed in here justifies the cost (especially if you bought a season’s pass). If you enjoyed the main story, you should consider picking this up to enjoy a different take on the protagonist of Assassin’s Creed III. The best part? There are two more chapters left!

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