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By Jorge Figueiredo - March 2nd, 2013


We love games and gamers. We love to cover the people that code and create. But there are those who are behind the scenes (and sometimes very much out in front) that work in slightly different spheres. I am referring to, of course, the dark arts of digital marketing, advertising and retailing. Like it or not, these concepts not only exist in the gaming sphere – they sometimes drive some of the very games you love; and they generate dollars and ideas to promote what’s coming down the pipe. Dx3 is a trade show that brings publishers, agencies, retailers and brands together to shake hands, chit-chat, and otherwise plan world domination. There are exhibits and presentations about all kinds of products and concepts – and it’s a great place to go to understand how some of the work in the industry gets done – and how it might effect people that you are friends with.

Gaming is not really an exclusive part of the event – but it is inexorably linked to the progress of the concepts discussed. You should check it out.

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