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The 3Doodler

By Jorge Figueiredo - March 16th, 2013


3D printing is one of the coolest things on the planet (in my opinion). The fact that one can create something entirely in 3D from nothing is a boon for architects and modelers. Of course, the problem with 3D printing is accessibility – your average person can’t afford to do it on their own (instantly); they might also not have access to the software. I’m sure that in the future, these may not be such high barriers – but what if someone wants to play in 3D space sooner than later? Well, Peter Dilworth and Max Bogue, co-founders of Wobbleworks LLC, have come up with a pretty cool solution.

They call it The 3Doodler. It’s a pen that can, for all intents and purposes, draw in the air. Basically, the pen dispenses liquid plastic that is cooled by an integrated fan – as you draw, and draw the plastic out, it solidifies! You start on a surface and can lift the pen into the air as you draw, creating 3D structures. While not for children (the pen tip gets as hot as 270 degrees Celsius), it is definitely a neat gadget for people both artistic and not. Why not check out their webpage to see check out the product. It’ll draw you in – I guarantee.

With patience, you can create a house. With patience and skill, you can create a world.

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