Luigi’s Mansion

By Ricky Lima - March 18th, 2013


You can check out my write up on Luigi’s Mansion single-player here; but I recently had the chance to try out the multi-player component in Luigi’s Mansion for the 3DS. Imagine traditional dungeon crawlers mixed with Ghostbusters, that’s kind of what the multi-player is like. From the brief time that I got to spend playing it: I had a blast.

Up to four people can get in on the multi-player action using download play. It wasn’t clear to me whether you needed one game cart for all four people or two carts for four – regardless, download play is always a bonus. The basic premise for the multi-player mode is that you and three other differently-coloured Luigis go through multiple floors of a mansion finding keys and sucking up ghosts. Each floor has a time limit which challenges players to work as a team to explore all the rooms and capture all the ghosts within the time limit. It’s a fun and frantic team experience that really puts your communication skills to the test.

This reminds me of Jamie and the Magic Torch for some reason.

My time with the multi-player consisted of running around rooms and freaking out while I looked for a key. The veterans who were playing with me were in the same boat as I was (despite their experience), because each floor that you explore is randomly generated. This random element keeps things fresh and new everytime you start up the game. This made me want to come back for more.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon releases March 24th on the 3DS and both the single player and the multi-player look to be an awesome experience. If you were a fan of the original Luigi’s Mansion and were begging for a sequel, you definitely won’t be disappointed with this 3DS game. It looks to be a solid experience that builds off of all the great parts of the original and adds way more – like insanely fun multi-player modes.

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