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Raft Pirates

By Jorge Figueiredo - March 20th, 2013


Raft Pirates is a cute social combat game from 6waves that will shiver your timbers. Developed by Big Blue Bubble, this free-to-polay MMO is all about salvaging material, building up your floating war machine, and floating about on the high seas causing mayhem and mischief. As MMO’s go, this is an entertaining title that will appeal to a fair number of you.

You begin the game with a raft (piloted by little bean-shaped pirates) that has a salvage crane mounted on board (with another bean pirate attached to the end of the hook). Tapping the crane lowers your buddy into the water and down to the ocean floor to retrieve materials; these materials are used to build up your raft. The task is done by the AI and is fairly straight-forward; however, you do have the choice to play a mini-game instead, that might score you more loot. It’s a simple thing that allows you to feel a bit more engaged in the game – a nice touch.

Once you are stocked up on materials, it is time to build. The first step is to purchase a plain raft, which is essentially a blank canvas upon which you will paint your masterpiece of mayhem. Artillery add-ons are available in various shapes – and it’s up to you to figure out how to place them on your raft. It takes a little creativity, but you can definitely max out your firepower by choosing cannons that have specific footprints that work well together. The controlling factor for these projects is wait time: basically, the more powerful the piece, the longer the wait time. You can advance wait time, but it will cost you – so the game becomes one of patience.

Um. Yeah. Steer clear of this person.

Once you feel secure enough in your vessel’s firepower, you can take it into open water to challenge other players. It doesn’t take long to become embroiled in battle; Raft Pirates is always active, so if you leave your ship in the open sea, you’re bound to be attacked. Battles are resolved by a dice roll, where each player rolls and the player with the higher number does damage to the player with the lower number. It is worth noting that initiating the attack gives you the advantage of optimal placement; that is, you can place your raft in the best possible position to ensure that you have maximum attack power against the weakest part of your opponent’s craft. The spoils are resources that allow you to repair and improve your rafts. The nice part about the combat is that it can be avoided by moving your ship into a safe zone (which means you are safe when you power down your iOS device).

With great visual presentation, a subtle soundtrack, five maps to explore, a boss in each map, and tons of social interaction, Raft Pirates is a lot of fun. Again, time is the biggest enemy as more powerful raft artillery will take longer; in-app purchasing ability is handy if you have no patience (or you have been beaten to a pulp) – but it’s really not necessary to enjoy this game.

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