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By Jorge Figueiredo - March 21st, 2013


A little while ago, I reviewed an iOS title called Video Game QuizUp that put your videogame knowledge to the test. Well, Plain Vanilla Games has another game in their stables that follows the same basic idea, except that the subject is math. Math QuizUp will either make you feel like a math whiz or like an idiot, depending on your performance. The trick is, you’ll never know how good you are until you try.

The game involves matching you up in realtime with someone else from anywhere on the globe. Like Video Game QuizUp, your e-mail address or your Facebook account act as your gateway to connectivity. Ten multiple-choice questions are presented, with four possible answers for each questions. Your job is to pick the right answer as fast as possible. Points are only rewarded for correct answers; the quantity of points is related to how fast you answer the questions. Questions 8 and 9 yield double points for successful answers; question 10 is a triple-pointer.

I have played this game quite a lot, and all kinds of math questions have been thrown at me. They start of fairly simple, usually with addition or subtraction; but then they get devilishly hard – especially by round 8. Unlike a trivia quiz, Math QuizUp involves more problem-solving ability than recall; also, you have to perform the operations in your head fairly quickly if you want any hope in hell of attaining a decent score.

Plain Vanilla has a great thing going on in terms of their UI. In general, the format is a lot like Video Game QuizUp, in terms of where everything is; however, Math QuizUp is more colourful and modern-looking. Finding matches is still easy as Pi, and the competition can get pretty fierce. Math QuizUp is free download, so massage your brain and get ready to rumble – it’s math time!

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