Nun Attack
Playstation Vita

By Jorge Figueiredo - March 27th, 2013


Nun Attack, from Frima Studio, is a touch-based tactical-action game that puts you in command of a heavily-armed squad of nuns who are ready to unleash holy terror on the legions of evil, led by Mortana, a fallen nun. Will your killer quartet be able to turn the tide, washing away the sins of the world with hot lead and their God-given talents? Indeed you can; although it can be touch-and-go at times (and I mean that in a good way).

Nun Attack plays out in two distinct sections. The first form of game-play involves leading your nuns to the end of one of the forty levels (you start off with two nuns in your squad). Your target in each level is a portal through which your devilish enemies are pouring out of; your goal is to destroy each of these portals. To lead your nuns to their destination, you must trace a line (the line is green) from your team to your destination (straight lines only). As they run, you must be careful to avoid hellish projectiles, of which there are multiple types (each of which can be dealt with in a different manner).

At various points along the way, your nuns will engage in battle, which is the second type of game-play. Combat is handled in a similar way to the “gauntlet” portion: just touch your nun and drag a straight path (in green) along which she will run. Dragging a line between a nun and an enemy will result in a red highlight and line (rather than a green one) and your nun will automagically close the gap and engage the enemy at the appropriate range. Each of the nuns (Lead Eva the leader, Rosy the slayer, Olga the heavy and Mandy the healer) have their own unique power that you can use during fights (once used, they take time to recharge). Creatures that die drop coin, which you can touch with your finger to collect.

OMG! The socks! The SOCKS!

The nuns are equipped with an arsenal that grows as you continue completing levels. There are more than 80 guns that each have their own special effects (certain guns can only be used by certain nuns). On top of their normal powers, the nuns eventually have access to seven miracles that can be used pretty much any time. They have limited charges, though. The coins that you collect on the way can be used to “recharge” your miracles or purchase weapon upgrades. Also, as you climb levels, you will unlock team slots, allowing you to play with up to four nuns at once.

The game looks and feels kind of like a Venture Bros. episode. Art style is retro-awesome, and full of bright, comic-bookish imagery presented in simple animation. The soundtrack also reminds me of the Venture Bros., with an interesting mix of funk with other genres. Sound effects are crisp and clean – great sampling work here. Everything works together to create a great experience for the eyeballs and the earholes.

Usually I have a tough time with games where I have to constantly touch the screen. What’s nice about the game-play in Nun Attack is that I can do a quick drag of the finger and pull my hand away to watch the action; also, the Vita screen is pretty big, so even if I let my finger linger, I can still see what’s important. In addition, the story and characterizations are pretty hilarious – especially the distinct personalities of the four nuns. Nun Attack for the Vita has been rejigged (from other platforms) in terms of difficulty to make up for the removal of in-app purchases. The game is challenging enough without being stupidly frustrating. That’s not to say that you will not die or find yourself in tight spots. On the contrary; Frima knows exactly how to make you work for your in-game purchasing power – and having more than two nuns on the field of battle isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to control until you get used to it.

Some of the weapon names are hilarious.

Nun Attack is definitely a great game to pick up for the Playstation Vita. Levels are short and challenging, presentation is slick, and the story is hilarious. I really liked this game a lot. And at $2.99, it’s practically a gift from heaven.

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