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By Jorge Figueiredo - April 9th, 2013


Some things are too cool for KickStarter. Take Untold Entertainment’s latest project: Spellirium, for example. Is it a point-and-click graphic adventure game? Or is it a word puzzler? The answer is: yes! As you make your way through the awesome-looking landscape, you will have to rely on your wits and your vocabulary to help you solve problems. Currently in the alpha stage, the developer is looking for interested parties to pre-order and join in the fun – in the name of Science!

Well, by science I mean the wonderful art of finding bugs so that the dev can fix ’em. The fine folks at Untold are looking to finish off a number of components of the game and would love to have some extra pairs of eyes to help with bugs and some fine-tuning of balance. I got to try out the alpha for this already and I quite like it. Even though there are some bits missing (music, sound effects and voice-overs), it’s still pretty impressive.

The story revolves around an apprentice Runekeeper named Todd, who helps four old men take care of a secret underground library. You see, reading and writing have been outlawed, so anything with writing that these gents could get their hands on has been stowed away in this location. The game truly begins when a tragic event during the absence of his masters spurs Todd into action. With the aid of a mysterious magic tablet, he seeks to solve the mystery of the missing Runekeepers.

There’s more than one way to shear a sheep. Can you spell them all?

The puzzle element is easy to pick up and challenging to do well. Like a lot of word games, you spell words to get points (and work towards the win conditions for the level that you are on). Some boards are pretty basic while others add interesting twists. One of the stages that I was playing involved shearing sheep; no points were had for words that didn’t fit with the theme of shaving a sheep.

I think that this is a worthwhile venture. The art style is beautiful; the game mechanic is solid; the story is engaging. Even without all of the frills of a finished product, Spellirium has more heart than games with bigger budgets. Check out the site here and support them if you can!

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