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Crazy Machines Golden Gears

By Jorge Figueiredo - May 9th, 2013


If you want to know just how much people like games modeled after the inventions of Rube Goldberg, you need not look further than Mouse Trap (the board game), or This Too Shall Pass (a music video by OK Go). I cannot explain why the human mind is fascinated with these devices – but man, for such inconvenient ways to solve problems, they certainly are cool things to watch. Enter Crazy Machines Golden Gears from Viva Media; a game in which the most efficient solution is definitely not the most entertaining one!

Creating a game in which there are many paths to the solution can be a very demanding prospect. Many variables have to be managed to ensure that the game doesn’t break. Crazy Machines Golden Gears seems to be a wonderful example of a multi-solution puzzle game with no loose ends1. Long story short: there are over 40 challenges to complete – and the more items you can use from your box of tricks, the more points you score (and the higher your star rating). It’s definitely a fun concept that will push your mind to places that it might not have gone before.

This latest release of Crazy Machines includes a Level Editor that makes the creation and sharing of your own custom levels easy as pie! The Level Editor gives you access to more than 60 parts and a decent tutorial that will start you on your own road of invention. Whether you create puzzles for your friends to solve (across various platforms), or self-solving ones, it’s definitely a great way to exercise your mind and get the juices flowing in the brains of your friends! You can also download levels available from other community members.

Someone’s been busy…

The game is quite polished, with great graphics and sounds. Objects look fairly realistic and the physics engine, not surprisingly, is really great. Audio is well-synced to the action, so the effect of playing the game is very immersive. Touch controls are responsive, and I didn’t notice any game-breaking behaviour. While not the best audiovisual presentation that I have seen on my iPod Touch, I have to say that it’s fairly high up on the list of awesome games to watch.

Crazy Machines Golden Gears contains a fair bit of value in its toolbox. Great puzzles, the ability to create (using the same tools that the developers use) and share your puzzles, and the ability to download new ones from the community make this a prime candidate for re-playability. Of course, there are in-app purchases that can be made to enhance your experience; but buying these things is not really part of the plan when it comes to enjoying this game.

1 – At least I haven’t found any…yet.

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