Assassin’s Creed III
The Tyranny of King Washington – The Redemption

By Jorge Figueiredo - May 10th, 2013


The final chapter of The Tyranny of King Washington DLC was released not too long ago. This third installment, known as The Redemption, is a fitting end to a really great batch of downloadable content. The third leg of Ratonhnhaké:ton’s adventure takes place in New York, which looks a little different than the city that we have grown used to in the main campaign of Assassin’s Creed III. Be warned: there are some mild spoilers contained within this review – but nothing that hasn’t already been said.

At the end of the last chapter (The Betrayal), Raton, Benjamin Franklin and his close friend Kanen’tó:kon freed the Aquila from Blue Coat control with the help of a familiar face, and set sail for New York. As they neared the port, they stood aghast as they saw that Washington had erected a fitting tribute to himself in the form of a very large (and interestingly shaped) fortress. Things don’t go as well as planned (the Aquila is a wee bit conspicuous, after all), and Ratonhnhaké:ton and Franklin have to fend for themselves. They have their work cut out for themselves, though: if you thought that Boston was thick with enemies, just try moving about in New York without attracting attention!

As with the previous chapters, Ratonhnhaké:ton must undergo one final journey to commune with the animal spirits, resulting in a new ability that imbues him with the power of the bear1, allowing him to ground pound and essentially kill or disable everyone standing around him; and trust me: he’s going to need this new power – there will be objects that can only be destroyed utilizing this power. The Bear’s power is the trickiest to use; unlike the Wolf Cloak’s wolf spirits (which target only your enemies), the bear slam’s wide-area of effect means that both friend and foe will suffer. As with the other abilities, relying on animal powers drains Ratonhnhaké:ton of health; so you have to use your powers carefully, and try and rest in haystacks when you need to recharge during conflict.

Georgie-Boy has been doing some redecorating.

Similar to the previous two chapters, The Redemption can be finished in about two hours (perhaps just a shade under if you push it; longer if you wish to sync 100%). Main missions are fairly straightforward and are accompanied by some challenging bonus requirements, if you are feeling particularly ambitious. Make no mistake: your path through this chapter will be as linear as the other two; however, there seems to be a little bit of freedom on rare occasion. For instance, one of the main missions involved inciting the population by performing a variety of mini-quests (hang a Blue Coat; destroy a statue; etc.) and I was fairly impressed by the fact that it presented me with various options – not just an exact number of smaller items to complete (I found some of the tasks annoying, so having a variety of different ways to rile the populace was helpful in quelling my annoyance).

The redemption presents no real noticeable graphical enhancements – nor does it improve the sound quality. That being said, I found that the dialogue in this chapter was the most engaging yet – perhaps even rivaling dialogue from the main adventure. Of course, time has passed since the creation of the original game, and the climax for this latest part of the story is fresh in the mind. Either way, kudos to the writing team.

The Tyranny of King Washington: The Redemption is an awesome way to close out this series of DLC. The dramatic conclusion, new power, and challenging bonus requirements will have you working hard to grab those extra trophies. So what are you waiting for?

1 – Before the game came out, UbiWorkshop sent out fliers of a new t-shirt design featuring this power.

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