Alien Hive
Blitz Mode

By Jorge Figueiredo - May 19th, 2013


Last month I posted a review for Appxplore’s sliding puzzler: Alien Hive. Last week, Appxplore announced a new mode for the game called “Blitz Mode”, in which the player has only 60 seconds to attain as large a score as possible. This update is free (for both iOS and Android), and is an even more addictive version of a game that I was already playing far too much for my own good.

The new mode introduces a limitation on the number of times that you can play. Essentially, you start out with five crystals. Once you engage the game, you lose a crystal – which means that once you’re out, you’re done. Luckily, crystals recharge, so after a little while, you’ll be able to play again. Of course, if you’re impatient, you can use real money to spend in-app to buy more crystals to be able to play. There are also new tiles (boulders) which, when combined, reveal some fairly handily-placed potential matches to the setup already on the screen. New power-ups complete the new mode with abilities that will hopefully help you to manage the increased pressure of a clock.

Blitz Mode really adds a great new dimension to this already addictive game. It’s definitely worth trying out!

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