E3 2013
Nintendo Preview

By Ricky Lima - July 3rd, 2013


Nintendo showed off some really cool things at E3. Sure, they didn’t have a huge glitzy press conference; but who needs that when we have the internetz? Nintendo hosted a Nintendo Direct and announced their upcoming games and strategies there – I thought it was fairly smart and effective on their part. Now that E3 has finished, we look to the games coming out this year to see what is worth our time. I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to play some of the biggest games from Nintendo coming out this year, and they’re mega fun.

The Wonderful 101

This game was announced at the same time that the Wii U was announced, and I have been in a state of constant excitement ever since. I didn’t have much time with the game, but the time I did have just served to increase my excitement. In The Wonderful 101 you play has a huge group of superheroes that can form different things (a gun, a sword, and many others as well).

Controls are fairly simple. You control your large group of supers around a small arena level and can save citizens by drawing circles around them on your GamePad. You can also create different weapons by drawing different shapes on the GamePad (you can also use the analogue stick to draw the shapes). For instance, sketching an “L” shape made a gun that could be used to shoot your heroes at enemies; a straight line also creates a gun, and a squiggle makes a whip. There are other shape combinations but I couldn’t decipher them during my short time with the game. I saw someone make a bomb at some point during the event – and man, was I jealous.

Pikmin gets even crazier this time around!

Pikmin Multi-player

I think my love of the Pikmin games has been well documented here; but this new Pikmin title features an all-new multi-player mode! There were two forms of multiplayer, one competitive and the other co-operative. I mainly tried the co-operative multi-player; but competitive looked super-fun as well.

In the co-operative mode, you and your partner are tasked to reach a certain goal (money collected) within a time limit to win medals. The GamePad is used as a map to see where everyone is in relation to each other. The mode works so well because when you actually communicate with your partner you can perform some really cool actions. When I played, my partner and I double teamed a fire slug, and that slug did not see it coming. Oh yeah, it was incredibly satisfying.

The competitive mode features a bingo-style mechanic. Each character is given a card with objects displayed on it. You need to grab those objects that are shown on your card and bring them to your ship to win. The fun starts when both players go for the same object. Small battles ensue and only the strongest will survive. A lot of strategy come into play in this mode. For example, you had the ability to throw a couple of Pikmin on an object; not to pick it up, but rather reserve it (sort of). Once your Pikmin are on the object your opponent can’t grab it until your Pikmin are gone. It’s a tricky tactic – but oh, so delicious.

Dude! Look behind you!

Super Mario 3D World

I was a little skeptical of 3D World. I’m not a huge fan of the New Super Mario Bros. games, and 3D World feels like it falls in line with the rest. However, the game features a cat suit you can wear – so I was willing to give the game a shot just to be a Mario cat. The game plays very similar to Super Mario 3D Land on the 3DS, except now it’s in HD and supports up to 4 players.

The game features a drop-in/drop-out multi-player mechanic, which is awesome for parties and large gatherings. When playing with 4 players, things can get hectic, but it’s never anything unmanageable. The camera does a great job of following all of the action and the level design makes it so that it’s never too crowded, even with 4 players on screen at once. Playing alongside people in a 3D environment is really satisfying, and makes me lament the disappearance of on-couch co-op in many games. After playing 3D World I’m way less skeptical of the game than I was previously; but, I’m worried that if I don’t have friends to play with, the game wont be as engaging. I guess I’ll just have to make some friends before the game releases at the end of the year.

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