By Jorge Figueiredo - July 15th, 2013


Have you ever wished that you could put trackers on your most precious possessions so that you could keep tabs on them? The folks at Tile have obviously been thinking the same thing – and they did something about it! The Tile is a low-energy Bluetooth device that works with an app as a proximity detector to help you locate things. While that is a nice feature, I am even more impressed by the fact that this idea actually extends beyond your immediate area.

The Tile is roughly the size of a matchbook, and does not consume a lot of low energy, even though it is a Bluetooth device. Once you are running the app, you will be able to view how far away you are from the Tile that you specify (you can use multiple Tiles in the app) within a 100 to 150 foot radius. The Tile extends its physical range by essentially connecting to neighbouring iPhones running the Tile app. What does this do? It enables you to cast a wide net to find your missing object: the more people running Tile, the higher the chances that you will be able to pinpoint your lost item – and you’ll know where to start because the Tile has a “last place seen” feature. What’s even better is that your Tile remains private and secure – nobody else can view your Tiles unless you give them permission.

The Tile is pretty small – easy to conceal.

At $25 a tile, it sounds like a really neat system to keep track of items that are very dear. Think about it: you have an expensive laptop or bicycle; really, when an item is that expensive, a $25 purchase to ensure you can track your treasures doesn’t seem so bad, does it. In the end, though, the usefulness of the Tile depends on how many people are running the app. Given the utility, I’m thinking that there might be a fair number.

Think this is something that you might find useful? Go check it out here.

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