By Jorge Figueiredo - September 8th, 2013


Drinkbox Studios’ Guacamelee! is well-loved by us Thumbers around the office. This PS3 and Vita title really took the ring by storm and body-slammed the hell out of word “platforming” with bold characters, a hilarious story, and the power of el pollo. For those of you that missed it, two DLC packs have been released that will add some variety and some challenge to your game (to put it lightly).

The Costume Pack

The first DLC consists of a set of three costumes that change not only your appearance, but your characters’ mechanics as well (albeit slightly). Each of these suits comes with a fantastic enhancement – at the price of a disadvantage somewhere else. The Pollo Luchador suit grants the player an always-regenerating health meter – but the stamina bar doesn’t recharge as quickly. The Skeleton suit enhances the player’s battle prowess in the form of implacable stamina – however, health pickups will not do you much good. Finally, the Identity Swap gives you tougher punches – but you cannot really throw anymore.

“What the hell…”

Each costume has a Juan version and a Tostada version, so they can be enjoyed on your own, or with a friend! On top of this, there are additional challenges and trophies to be won.

El Diablo’s Domain

The second DLC is the horrifying El Diablo’s Domain. Couldn’t get enough of the Treetops level (shudders)? Well, just try sinking your teeth into this bad boy. Once downloaded, you make your way down to the offices of the underworld to try your luck at a set of crazy challenges that will have you restarting levels like nobody’s business. Successfully completing a level is one thing – earning medals is another. When you complete a stage, you will be judged and awarded (bronze, silver or gold) according to how well you do.

The devil’s domain is unforgiving. At least they have motivational posters.

Why torture yourself? Why, to gain magical costumes, of course! Each of the costumes grants the wearer some kick-ass abilities that will come in handy in the rest of the game. The El Portero costume makes you look like a soccer goalie – but it makes you throw like the Incredible Hulk. The Alebrije costume gives you the power of an awesome dream creature – but you will be particularly vulnerable to damage. Finally, there is Diablo’s Suit, which allows you to drain the life of your enemies.

Whether you try to go for the gold is up to you. But what you should be doing is getting a hold of these DLC packs – pronto! Frustrating and fun, you’re sure to have a good time!

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