Fan Expo Canada 2013

By Jorge Figueiredo - September 10th, 2013


Ubisoft’s booth was definitely the largest and one of the most interactive displays on the floor in the South building of Fan Expo Canada this year. Seriously. I think I walked around the booth at least 3 times and I have a funny feeling that I probably still missed something. Lots of gaming stations were available to let people play soon-to-be released games as well as some very recent titles. There was also a Splinter Cell Scion parked in the middle, right around the corner from a store selling a line of Todd McFarlane toys based on characters from the Ubisoft universe.

Just Dance 2014

By the time I had arrived at the Just Dance 2014 section, a large crowd had already gathered. This franchise hit is always a crowd-pleaser, mostly due to the entertainment factor being so high. Con-goers lined up to take the stage to try out this fun and energetic game. As a bystander, it is definitely worth it to stay at the booth for a while, because one never knows if the next dancers will be cosplayers or not.

Not quite the Chicken Dance.

I didn’t get a chance to play Just Dance 2014 (it was the Wii U version); but it definitely looks like it upholds the fun factor of the precious iterations. With new tunes and new moves, I’m sure this title will be one of the highest grossing titles of the year (yet again). Is that surprising? Not really, seeing as most people really love to dance.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist

The latest game in the Tom Clancy superspy series had a huge lineup that looked to be enjoying the spirited multi-player mode called Spies vs. Mercs. The two contingents each had a bank of consoles dedicated to their side, which really amped up the feeling of “us vs. them”.

Splinter Cell brings people closer together.

There were no shortage of people on each side, which was kind of interesting to see (I was sure that there would have been more people on the spy team); so either Ubisoft had people controlling the queues to make sure that they were even, or the vote is truly split evenly between the classes. Players really seemed to be enjoying themselves, and whether or not the people playing on a side knew each other or not, the sense of camaraderie between them was definitely stronger by the time their turn ended. Nothing makes a friendship stronger than griefing a common enemy, I always say.

Rocksmith 2014

The Rocksmith 2014 demo station resembled a studio booth, putting Fan Expo goers in the hot seat with a guitar and the person running the demo. The original Rocksmith was ground-breaking, and Rocksmith 2014 looks to improve upon the original with even more functionality. A kick-ass set list and the ability to learn guitar faster are two of the many features that are available in this new title.

Big lineup for this one!

Rocksmith 2014 can use the interface cable from Rocksmith; it is also more flexible than its predecessor, and carries your DLC forward, so you will not have to worry about missing out on anything that you have purchased before. This type of thinking is awesome!

Assassin’s Creed 4

Do I even need to talk about how much I am looking forward to this game? I have stuck to the role of observer so that my experience with this game upon launch is as pure as can be. From everything that I have seen so far, I am truly impressed and champing at the bit to sink my teeth into this adventure. As I walked by, a large group of people were being led through the features by a Ubisoft employee. Everyone was quiet, hanging on his every word as he demonstrated bits of the game on the screen.


The game has come a long way since the demo from the PS4 announcement back towards the beginning of the year. I never doubted that it would be awesome; and the closer we get to launch day for the new consoles, the better it looks.


Some of the cast of Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist were on hand to sign autographs and talk to fans. Everyone really seemed to be getting along, and the videogame celebs were both friendly and gracious. It warms the heart to see people that really value their fan base. Way to go, guys!

Gracious celebrities.

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