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Solar Flux HD

By Jorge Figueiredo - September 11th, 2013


All over the universe, stars are dying. Your job is to bring them back to life. This is the premise of Solar Flux HD, a recent release from Firebrand Games that places you into the dark reaches of space, alone and at the helm of a daunting task. To succeed in your mission, this physics puzzler requires that you have a keen eye and a delicate touch.

To save the stars, you must pilot your probe around empty space, collecting a form of energy called Flux. Once collected, this “fuel” needs to be injected into the nearest dying star to rejuvenate the burning giant. It is a simple, yet elegant premise that is both addictive and relaxing.

The game is a feast for the eyes. The backdrop is painter with the stuff of the heavens, and the foreground objects are just as beautiful. Shadows cast by asteroids dance across your probe as you make your way around the play area, touching the space behind your probe to send out a jet of thrust to move it in the opposite direction. Meditative music plays calmly as the sound of your thrusters gently firing resonates in the room.

The visuals in this game will knock your socks off – and then your socks will catch on fire.

Great care needs to be taken while playing the game, for while space has a negligible amount of gravity, other objects do. Even without heavenly bodies to pull you from your path, inertia is always with you, especially if you lean on your thrusters too hard (or augment your launch from the space station a little too enthusiastically). Of course, the line between harmful and helful is a thin one – and those things which can trip you up can also aid you.

80 levels await you with various level-specific challenges (time limits, health or fuel preservation, etc.), making this game challenging and fun. Attaining three stars in every single level is definitely not a cakewalk, which makes this a title for those who complain that games these days are “too easy”. Other worlds can be bought to play if you want a change of scenery – but really, for $2, this is a lot of game to get through and well worth your time.

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