Fan Expo Canada 2013

By Jorge Figueiredo - September 20th, 2013


We’re almost at the end of our Fan Expo Canada run (only a few more to go, believe it or not). Is it any wonder that we’re still writing about it? There was so much to see and do, and a lot of the things that we saw are things that we need to share. Today’s post is about the share-worthy BowBlade, an interesting innovation in interactive gaming that has some interesting side benefits besides immersion.

The BowBlade is essentially a dynamic active controller that “springs” to life when you pair it with your smartphone. It adds a very physical element to your gaming, as it uses real resistance, helping you to increase your strength and coordination levels while gaming. Dr. Ron, the creator of the BowBlade, is seemingly the perfect person to have created it, as he is a Chiropractor, a Stuntman and a Gamer.

Jean Grey takes a break from using her powers…

When I first saw the BowBlade, I was immediately reminded of Hawkeye’s collapsible bow from the film Thor. The unit is light, durable, and it comes in different sizes to accommodate different-sized people. It’s also designed to be used on either side, so you can balance out your conditioning. Essentially, there are two elements: the flex element and the hammer. The unit is made up of two “blades” (one as the bow and one as the string) – they are connected, and can simulate the drawing of a bow. Located on the front blade is a cradle where you can secure your smartphone, and attached to this is a hammer. This hammer is connected to a string that runs to the rear blade and ends in a ring. Basically, the user draws the BowBlade and then pulls on the ring with the finger of the hand holding the rear blade. This causes the hammer to tap the screen. It is a rally great mechanism with a large number of compatible apps and games on iOS and Android.

The device is definitely an interesting idea that, as I said before, helps to condition your upper body (the resistance is also adjustable). You can check them out for yourself at the BowBlade website, where they are currently having a sale.

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