Fan Expo Canada 2013
Dead Rising 3 Preview

By Jorge Figueiredo - September 21st, 2013


At Fan Expo Canada 2013, some of my fellow media peeps and I were treated by Microsoft to a sit-down game-play preview of Dead Rising 3 on the Xbox One. Low, comfortable couches accommodated our rumps for a fair amount of time as we watched the on-screen mayhem and later on during the question and answer period. While I am not normally a zombie-game kinda guy, Dead Rising 3 was pretty impressive, and looks it will be a fun next-gen title to pick up.

The game has you stepping into the shoes of Nick Ramos, a survivor in the city of Los Perdidos in California. Nick’s day is full of zombies – more zombies than you can count – and his number one job is to make sure he doesn’t become consumed by them. Searching for supplies and weapons, Nick also comes across other survivors who can join him in his seemingly never-ending battle. As the devs moved Nick around the city, I was impressed with the sheer number of zombies that were on the screen at the same time – with very little choppiness.


Dead Rising 3 has no time limit as a default, and the player can save games anywhere (no more being confined to just saving in bathrooms). Their goal for Dead Rising 3 definitely seems to be the fun factor through intensity and gore. The devs also showed how players can create combination weapons and vehicles allowing for even more mayhem (my favourite was the steamroller/motorcycle/flamethrower).

The build being shown was definitely not the final one, so there were a few glitches. However, with Smartglass functionality (locating items, for instance) and Kinect integration (noise sensitivity that affects the situational awareness of the zombies), it was pretty easy to ignore any shortcomings that are sure to disappear by the time the game is released.

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