Fan Expo Canada 2013
Steel Archers

By Jorge Figueiredo - September 24th, 2013


Just a few steps down from the Shuyan booth was a booth manned by folks from a small indie shop called Five Archers Corporation. They currently have a game in development for the PC and Mac called Steel Archers, which looked really interesting. A combination of third person action, RPG, and card collection, the game looked like it was coming along nicely.

Steel Archers places you in a Wild West landscape gone wrong. Armed with a bow, arrows and magic, you must search for magical cards and treasure while combating metal abominations. Your ranged weapon can be charged, allowing you to shoot a more powerful projectile – but holding onto the string too long will cause your attack to lose its power. The magical cards that you collect give you special abilities – but you can only carry five cards from your deck ant any given time. In an interesting twist, various poker hands grant you different bonuses.

The graphics were pretty good; the concept: excellent.

I watched Quentin Preik show me how the game was played. Graphics and animations were still a little rough – but they looked promising. He talked about the level layouts being a very important factor in the game, and he also showed me how the card system worked. He also made a brief reference to some of the cool collectible artifacts that you can find. A quick trip to their web page reveals that these artifacts can gift you with permanent upgrades – even if you restart.

I’m pretty interested to see more of this game in the future. The mix of 3D action with a collectible card system sounds like it could be a pretty cool way to spend some gaming time. We’re hoping to be able to touch base with Five Archers soon to chat about their title. Stay tuned!

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