Nerd Noise Night

By Jorge Figueiredo - September 26th, 2013


One month ago tonight, a beacon of hope and awesomeness shone towards the heavens from the Horseshoe Tavern on Queen Street in downtown Toronto. This celebration of music and fun was organized by a few stalwart individuals, but it meant a lot to us Thumbers to have former Editor-in-Cheese Shaun Hatton at the helm a lot of the time. Everything about the evening was awesome. It was a lot to process (both mentally and photographically); but here at Toronto Thumbs, we believe that some events transcend the usual 2 week post deadline.

So let’s go back in time, and remember the goodness that was Nerd Noise Night 2013 through some words and photos.

The Beginning

It had been a long day at Fan Expo Canada 2013. I had been on my feet for most of the day, taking photos and conducting interviews. After a nice dinner with my friend Scott Bailie from Gaming V2 (and his girlfriend), we headed up to the Horseshoe Tavern to attend Nerd Noise Night. I had a dual purpose: to enjoy myself, and to take my new EOS 70D for a test drive. Needless to say, I was not disappointed on either front.

More or Les and the Wordburglar manning the merch market.

The Horseshoe was dark, and packed with a lot of great people who were ready for a great time. The camaraderie in the room was boundless, as a lot of nerd bonding was going on. Off to the side was the merch booth, where the Wordburglar and More or Les were holding court with some fans. On stage, people were preparing for the first group, tweaking equipment and moving things around. Eventually, Shaun Hatton kicked things off, promising a night of great music and amazing prizes. The fun was about to begin.

Nerds With Guitars

Nerds With Guitars is a group made up of two dudes who play songs that “will make you laugh and question whether or not you are, in fact, a good person”. I have always loved acoustic guitars paired with vocals – especially when the people playing are talented. Even better? Songs based on videogames and Science Fiction! Their Facebook page is definitely worth checking out.

The Nerds With Guitars were an amazing duo. Click on the pic to see a few more photos.


Brentalfloss is a talented dude who adds lyrics to videogame music. He is witty and intelligent and he has a great voice. He did a song inspired by Bioshock that had me shaking so much that I could barely take photos of the damned thing. Also, Brentalfloss has great taste in oven mitts. Check out his page here.

One talented dude with great taste in protective hand wear. Click the pic for the gallery.

More or Les

More or Les is an old-school rapper with insightful lyrics and amazing timing. He was rapping to the beats of Peter Project, who is one of the most gifted mixing artists that I know. More or Les did some pieces from his album Mastication, along with some other really great bits. The combination of the two of these artists is a tasty treat for the ears. Check out More or Les’ page here.

Delicious lyrics and beats. Click the photo for a manual slide show.

The Word Burglar

Peter Project stayed on stage and More or Les tagged out with the Wordburglar. The Wordburglar, like More or Les, has an old-school vibe to his beats. I like the Wordburglar because of the huge lexicon that he draws from. To listen to him is like reading a dictionary. During his set, Cobra Commander made an appearance on stage (you don’t see that every day). As I wrote in a description of a photo of him: I brought a dictionary into the Horseshoe, but when I left, all of the pages were blank. Check out his page here.

Guard your books! Click the picture to see more pics.


They mysterious robot known only by the name “Coins” ambled up onto the stage and started dropping beats like there was no tomorrow. I have to say that Coins can take any sample and turn it into a work of audible art. The Electronica vibe was strong; it was so strong that people couldn’t help but move their feet and shift back and forth to the trance-inducing rhythm. You can check out Coins’ music at this page.

Click the link to see a few more pics of the mysterious Coin.

The Cybertronic Spree

The last band of the night was The Cybertronic Spree, a band that is known for performing the soundtrack from the 1986 film, The Transformers: The Movie, while dressed as characters from The Transformers. When they made their way onto the stage, there was much rejoicing. When they started playing? Game over. Seriously, this was one of the best cover band acts that I have ever seen and heard. If you hear of them playing at a venue near you? Go. Drop what you’re doing and go.

Sadly, I didn’t get many pictures of them due to people getting so amped up that there were too many hands in the air. Serves me right for giving up the awesome post that I had earlier in the evening. Their page can be found here.

You’ve got the touch.

Can’t Wait…

I can’t wait to see what Nerd Noise Night 2014 will bring! If 2013 is any indication, I think they might have to give out smelling salts at the door, because we’re all going to pass out from absorbing so much amazingly good times.

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