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Survivor Morads

By Jorge Figueiredo - September 29th, 2013


Sometimes it’s easy to misjudge a book by its cover, especially when it comes to the iOS App Store. With so many applications available to download, the developers need to ensure that they grab the attention of prospective players right away. I’ll be the first to admit that when I first saw the icon and description for North South 804 Apps’ Survivor Morads, I wasn’t really all that impressed. However, this free-to-play game is surprisingly fun, reinforcing that sometimes good games need not be overly complicated.

Survivor Morads is an endless survival game in which you are in control of King Morad. The object of the game is to stay alive for as long as possible, dodging a never-ending array of obstacles flying at you from every direction. The longer you successfully avoid being hit, the higher your score. Of course, the longer you stay alive, the harder the game becomes. Coin and point multipliers, as well as power-ups have been added to see if you can improve your position on the leaderboards (Game Center).

In all honesty, the graphics and sound are not going to win any awards. However, they are not horrible by any stretch of the imagination. Everything is functional and is geared towards the very simple game-play, which more than makes up for any “shortcomings” in the aesthetics. This is definitely an example of a perfect pick-up-and-play mechanic that fits the bill for the spare moments in your life. Stuck in a waiting room? Go for it! Going to the bathroom? Yes, you can play this here too, but don’t ever let me touch your iPhone.\

You might get bored of the landscape – but never bored of the action.

The controls for the game are dead-easy to learn: simply touch the arrow symbol under King Morad and hold your finger to the screen as you move it around to make the King move. This easy interface, coupled with the fact that there is no blood or swearing, makes this game safe for your kids. The only issue that I had with the game was that my hand would block my view of what was coming up from the bottom of the screen (immediately below King Morad), unless I moved my head to change my view. A small price to pay for something simple, addictive and fun

ProTip: I found that playing this game on the iPad was far easier than doing so on my iPod. The increased real estate of the larger form factor really goes a long way to keeping death at bay.

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