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By Jorge Figueiredo - October 29th, 2013


There are a lot of smartphone cases out there, especially for iOS devices. We review many different kinds of cases here for smartphones and tablets, but I’m not sure that any of them could be described as fun. Of course, leave it to Belkin and LEGO to come up with a case that is practical and enjoyable in a playful sense: the LEGO iPod Touch case.

The LEGO iPod Touch Case is a clip-on number that wraps around your entire iPod Touch – with the exception of the buttons and ports (so that you can access your buttons and actually hear your speaker). Made out of hard yellow plastic, the wraparound edge is thick enough to protect your buttons from indirect damage, as it sticks out 2-3 times farther from the edge than the buttons themselves. Thus, if your iPod Touch falls to the floor, your buttons won’t take the brunt of the blow, as the plastic is somewhat shock-absorbent. The case also overlaps the rim of your device, giving your screen some protection from scratches when you lay the unit face down on a flat surface.

LEGO Zod and LEGO Superman show off the wraparound design of the LEGO case.

Of course, in my opinion this case is not about protection as much as it is about fun. Flipping the case over will show you why: there is a blue LEGO surface to build on! A 4×10 LEGO base plate is completely integrated into the back of the case, allowing you to build whatever you like on there. Whether you want to use flat pieces to build a tiled mosaic, or perhaps build an interface for a charging stand – you can do it, provided you have LEGO lying around your house with which to build your creations. Keep in mind, though, that whatever you decide to do will add to the thickness and overall weight of your handheld.

I’m not sure if I would recommend this case for everyday use outside of the home. Even though the plastic is quite durable, the world is not composed of flat surfaces, and with either the buttons or the screen, a direct blow from something that is not flat (like dropping it on a rock) will probably result in a cracked screen or a broken button. It is understandable that adding something clear to the front wouldn’t really add much protection to the screen without compromising the touch capability. The only way around this issue that I can see would be to build a flip-case mechanism using some LEGO hinges and some flat LEGO baseplates. That being said, I would feel a bit hesitant to take this outside without further protection.

Cutaways allow access to the speaker, camera, and other important bits.

I would recommend this for in-home use, though. Having the ability to enjoy your hand-held in a new way is a great thing! The clever design doesn’t hamper access to the important bits (including the camera and the strap anchor), and the price tag is not horribly high for what amounts to a highly-specific LEGO product. You can check out the product page here, and the slightly-different iPhone version here.

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