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Toy Story in Space Play Set

By Jorge Figueiredo - October 30th, 2013


Disney Infinity has not lost any momentum since their recent release. Last week, they released their sixth Play Set: Toy Story in Space. Disney was nice enough to send us the Play Set to try out. The Play Set includes the actual statue for the Toy Story world along with Jessie Pride and Buzz Lightyear. Not wanting to split up the Toy Story clan, they also sent us Sheriff Woody Pride to tag along! Smallest Thumb and I sat down and played this and want to report that this Play Set really does take you to infinity and beyond!

Each of the Play Sets for Disney Infinity include at least 3 to 4 hours of mission-based game-play, side quests, and some open-world adventuring – all wrapped in the guise of an overall plot. For instance, the Incredibles Play Set focuses on foiling Syndrome’s plot to take over Metroville – missions are usually about fighting his efforts, catching bad guys and helping people in the city. The Monsters University Play Set is all about helping Mike, Sully and Randy beat the pants off rival University Fear Tech by performing a series of pranks and competing in various events. The idea behind the Toy Story in Space Play Set is to defend a new colony of those cute aliens from Pizza Planet and help them build a small outpost.

Nothing like backup from a Space Ranger!

You begin your adventure on the surface of some unknown alien world. The aliens are running about, panicking because their planet is being bombarded. There is no messing around here – you need to do something fast! Luckily, the a few members of the (well-voiced) Toy Story cast will help you out. You will be spending a lot of time doing missions assigned by Hamm (the pig), Rex (the Dinosaur) and a number of the little green creatures. Even Slinky appears a bit later on to also give you some quests. The Toy Story in Space Play Set has a number of areas and is pretty huge, so it will take some time to explore it all. There are also a fair number of hidden areas, as well as places that are inaccessible until you unlock some items later on in the campaign.

As with the other Play Sets, the Toy Story in Space Play Set contains items that can be used in Toy Box mode. There are a few cool weapons (like the Space Ranger gun, and some other pistols that fire goo – one that increases the size of your target, while the other does the opposite) and some new textures. However, my favourite two items are both jet packs: one that propels you horizontally (that has wings to steer), and one that functions as a jump jet (with limited thrust, resulting in very large jumps). With some careful timing, these items can be used together for some pretty spectacular moves!

Guess who else is in this Play Set?

I have to admit that most of the quests are fairly easy to accomplish. Smallest Thumb and I were completing missions left, right and centre without too much difficulty (which is good for kids). There were a few missions that required some planning and quick-thinking – but nothing that we couldn’t handle. Some of the challenges, though, were just that: challenging. You’d think that having a jet pack to collect items would make the task easier – until you realize that the developers must have been feeling mischievous during the planning phase. There are a few neat challenges that, once complete, will earn you some sparks to help you raise your character’s level.

So is it worth the buy? I would say so! The Play Set sells for around $35, and Woody is available for an additional $13. The adventures are fun for kids of all ages (Smallest Thumb is 6), and really, they live on past the main game campaign thanks to Toy Box mode. If you are a fan of Toy Story, this is a no-brainer – especially if you only have the starter Play Set. Don’t forget, you need a Disney Infinity base to play this game.

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