LG OLED HDTV Unveiling

By Jorge Figueiredo - November 4th, 2013


Recently, at the Thompson Hotel in downtown Toronto, LG revealed its latest product: the curved OLED HD TV (55EA9800). Toronto Thumbs was lucky enough to be invited to check out this really cool new product, along with a few of their UltraHD TVs. I have to say, it’s going to be pretty hard to convey how awesome the experience was through words and pictures alone.

Ultra HDTV

The 84″ UHD television (84LM9600) was front and center, taunting me with its clean lines and ridiculously high-resolution picture (4K). You know that image quality of a television is really good when you can take a photo of the screen and not tell that it is a photo of a screen. Boasting TruMotion 240Hz refresh rate and IPS panel technology (consistent and accurate colour from all angles), the 84LM9600 is a beast of a television with a beauty of an image.

Seriously crisp. Like, more than fresh celery.

Around the corner was one of the younger siblings, the 65LA9700. What this 65″ flatscreen Ultra HDTV lacks in size, it more than makes up for in sound. Tucked away underneath this television is a motorized drop-down sound bar (bumping this TV up from 2.1 to 4.1). The 65LA9700 features Nano LED, which replaces the traditional edge-lit system with an array of LED panels that are much better at localizing light, reducing the “bleeding” effect that edge-lit televisions can have. Bringing up the rear (but by no means a slouch) is the 55LA9650. Like its two bigger family members, the 55LA9650 features 4K technology.

All three of these televisions are smart TVs that can do passive 3D. All three televisions also do Dual Play, which allows two different people to look at the same television, and see two different images (provided they are actually watching a source that does this).

The Main Event

This should be in the AGO.

After some mingling, we were all called over to the other side of the space where some large signs were set up (to block the view to the OLED television). Jaime de Jaraiz Lozano, President and CEO of LG Electronics Canada spoke for a little bit about the quest to complete this product, and then they revealed it.

Seriously, the new Curved OLED TV (55EA9800) is a piece of art. The 55-inch screen is thinner than a pencil (0.17 inches thick), and curves gently to allow the viewer to see all parts of the screen from an equal distance. The television is constructed using reinforced carbon fiber polymers, resulting a the low, low curb weight of just under 38 lbs – which is pretty ridiculous for a 55″ television. The image is HD rather then UHD; however, due to the nature of OLED, the images are vivid and beautiful. This is most likely due to LG’s use of their proprietary WRGB sub-pixel colour system (White Red Green Blue), which results in much brighter colours (33% more than the traditional RGB sub-pixel colour system). The infinite contrast ratio allows for really dark blacks and really bright whites. This television is the whole package (and worked hard to do so, passing 600 or so THX certification tests).

Seriously: thinner than a freakin’ pencil.

Now, this being new technology, you’re going to be paying a pretty penny for it. Available at Best Buy and Future Shop, this bad-ass has an MSRP of $10,999. So you had best start saving your bucks. Me? I’m waiting until they merge this with the size and definition of the 84LM9600. Yeah. Curved 84″ 4K television with an infinite contrast ratio? Sign me the hell up.

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